Prison Poem

Poem About Growing Up With Father In Prison

My dad went to prison when I was five, so I wrote this poem.

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I miss you so so much. I hope I see you one more day before you go away so …

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© Breanna Caves

Published: Jun 2010


Since I was little I was waiting for that screen door to come swinging,
with your bright handsome face standing under the panel,
but until then I'll be waiting.
when I was just a little girl,
I remember you fixing my hair out of my face,
then I would go hang upside down and mess it up,
but now that I'm old enough to understand where you've gone,
I feel this emptiness
I feel so alone.
This feeling only that dad I dreamed of could feel,
this space that has grown bigger over the years.
I know I see you once a year,
but it isn't the same as me sitting on your lap,
at home telling me these stories and holding me tight.
now I only see you behind these bars or out of sight.
Is that what a child deserves
no one should grow up without a dad
but it's his fault he's gone and the only way I can talk to him is behind this thick glass.
But I'm so grown now you wouldn't recognize me
my long hair braces and the smile upon my cheeks.


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  • by Star Jones
  • Jun 2012

I miss you so so much. I hope I see you one more day before you go away so far to that place they call jail. Please write me one day I will never forget you because I'm your little girl


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