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© Kerry Love

October 2008

Daisy Bear

You were always there to protect me
through the dark and cold of night
I would hold you close beside me
and squeeze you in so close so tight

We would pretend we're in another place
so free and full of fun
where no one could ever hurt us
and life had just begun

I would tell you all my secrets
about the happenings of the day
I would often whisper in your ear
please take this pain away

Although you couldn't stop the life
or path that I was led
I would sit with you for hours
just alone on my bed

And each time that we heard
a footstep made or maybe two
a door slide open
I would just reach out for you

You would take me to that place
so free and full of fun
and the pain wouldn't hurt
and again it was done

So now that I am older
and the fears have faded too
I can look around my life
and it doesn't seem so true

You're still here to protect me
with an eye missing or two
My favorite little bear
We made it because of you


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