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A granddaughter trying to get through the grieving process after losing her Grandma.

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My grandma died 20 years ago and it still hurts. I miss her so much! But she lives on in me, my children who were in grade school when the lord took her home. And even my grandchildren who did …

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Published: Nov 2007

How Do I Deal

How do I deal with the pain that is bottled up inside of me since her death, should I try to make myself feel better with an illegal drug like Meth?

How do I deal with all of the emptiness that I feel, do I put up a barrier to my feelings made of steel?

How do I deal with the daily tears that continue to flow, when I can barely function since I am at an all-time low.

How do I deal with the anger that boils deep down inside, do I get down on my knees and pray that I join her in heaven someday and try harder to put my feelings aside.

Someone, anyone, please tell me how do I get any relief and get on with life when I am dealing with so much grief?


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  • by Tenia, Hawaii
  • May 2013

My grandma died 20 years ago and it still hurts. I miss her so much! But she lives on in me, my children who were in grade school when the lord took her home. And even my grandchildren who did not get the chance to physically meet her. Oh they know everything possible about her though because of the legacy she left behind. I find comfort knowing how much she loved me and that she is with suffering. I truly believe she is my angel..


  • by Alecsis
  • Sep 2012

I just lost my granny September 27th in a horrible way.. I know it is all my fault what happen. Every time I close my eyes I see how I found her...I think about killing myself honestly I feel like I'm already dead. I lived with my grandparents since I was 3 months old. I am now 23.....I pray I cry I pray I cry I pray I cry......and I still feel my life is coming to a end. God please help me.


  • by Kailee, LA
  • Apr 2012

My grandma died when I was 7 and I am now 9. She died when she was sleeping with a smile on her face. GOD LOVES EVERYONE


  • by Molly, Iowa United States
  • Feb 2012

My grandma Polly died just a week ago and the funeral was this past Friday. It is so hard to know that she is no longer living. I loved her so much. She had so much spirit and I will never forget her laugh. She always had a way of making me smile with her humor and also gave me the strength to never give up no matter what. She showed this line well By going back to school In her upper forties to become a nurse. She would always nudge us jokingly saying "your burning day light, since my brothers and I all didn't wake up that well in the mornings. She started to get concerned when I wasn't married and was in upper 20's and early 30's which was funny but sweet. Grandma was stubborn but in a good way. She wanted the best for us, and I want her to know that I love her very much. I always felt so lucky since my name Molly rhymed with my grandma's name, She will always look out for me. I have to remind myself that even though she is gone, she will always live in my heart forever.


  • by Cassie
  • Jan 2012

When I was in fifth grade my great great grandmother died. I was informed and I had so much sadness , I didn't know what to do , I was sad and heartbroken. But, she told me to give it my all, and to never give up, even if I fall. She was always there when I needed a friend. And I love and miss spending time with her. Losing my great great grandmother broke my heart and everyday without a doubt I think of you and shed a tear every once in a while for Dang-Dang I loved ....And then it was so hard when they put your casket in the ground ... it was so hard to turn my back and walk away ... but you were a great person and we all miss you so dearly and wished you were her with us every single day .. Christmas Eve was hard without you this year .... But one thing nana probably wants you to know is that she got engaged on Christmas Eve .... I bet you would have been proud... WE ALL LOVE YOU... <3


  • by Jade, England
  • Jan 2012

I'm 12 years old, nearly 13 and my grandma passed away a week or two before Christmas. This woman did everything for me. She looked after me day and night, when my mum had to work. She stood by my side at the age of 2 when my mum and dad broke up. She held my hand when I felt unsafe. She gave me advice. She taught me to be strong. She was there more than anyone else. She was the only person that truly cared, she started getting ill about a year ago, getting weaker and quiet. She had an operation and was recovering when she got cancer. She then had her therapy for 2 weeks and came back the worst she's been through the whole duration of her illness, she refused to go to hospital, so my dad and auntie persuaded her and off she went. The hospital drugged her up so she wasn't in pain anymore. Me, my dad and my grandad went to visit her on the Thursday. She wasn't with it at all. That Friday she passed away. Now I feel like I have nobody without her here.


  • by Brittany, Australia
  • Jan 2011

Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I lost my Grandmother December 6, 2010, almost 2 months ago, & I have no Idea how to deal with the loss, I have attempt to kill myself but something I don't know what always stopped me from going through with it. So now I drink & smoke to be like her. I can't tell you how to get over it, but I can give you advice I went on a holiday for 2 weeks and it was hard, I had no family just friends, and they will be the ones to help you through. I know I' am only young but my friends gave me a new start of life, I left my job that my Nan gave me, I left school. I have started a new life. But nothing can help you get over it, only time, and it will take years, I still struggle everyday, but when I'm out with me friends I try to ignore all the feelings I get & Just enjoy the time I am spending with friends.
I hope you have found a way to deal with everything. My prayers are with you.


  • by Sarah, United States
  • Jan 2011

I know exactly how you feel. I lost my nana (grandmother) a little over five months ago and I have no clue how to deal with the loss. Everyone is dealing with the pain in their own way and I can't find comfort in any of my family. I as well have thought of taking drugs. I actually overdosed on Advil a few times and I honestly think that is no way to cope. Just think your loved one is looking down on you and they would hate to see you hurting yourself. I hope you find a way to deal with the pain. You all are in my prayers.


  • by Cheryl, Canada
  • Oct 2010

Grandma is definitely irreplaceable I just lost my Grandma 5 months ago and it hurts like hell. I was holding her hand when she took her last breath. I cry when I feel the need to, which is daily, but the things Grandma taught me growing up is what helps me to become the person I am, I always hear her saying to keep your head up, Grandma spirit will always be with you all your feeling are normal..but since you are a product of Grandma you have to be strong so that the world can see Grandma reflection in her products..


  • by Laura, York England
  • Aug 2010

When my Grandma died I was thirteen and I was devastated. She had been everything to me for those thirteen years, especially after my baby brother died when I was eight. I wanted to do anything I could to be with her but I knew that as the eldest I had to be strong for my brother, sister and cousins. I think trying to be strong robbed me of my chance to grieve properly at that point in time. It's been fifteen years and I'm still trying to live my life without her here. It's been hard but it does get easier with time and I am starting to see the sunrise on the horizon eventually.


  • by Christina
  • Oct 2009

I'm probably much older than you guys (35), but I lost my grandmother "Nanny" a little over two months ago. She has been my rock my whole life. It has been a horrible grieving process. But when it gets really tough, remember that your grandmother wants you to be the best person you can be. She wants you to be well, to be happy, and to lean on God for comfort. I know that my Nanny is with me and your grandmother is by your side wanting the very best for you!


  • by Tianna
  • Oct 2009

Hey, I lost my Grandma on Oct. 28, 2000 and It's now October. 21. 2009 and I still feel what you are feeling. I've tried everything to make myself feel better. I've drunk, cut, and tried to kill myself (when it happened) The best thing I can tell you is to remember that they are looking down on you, wishing you well and hoping you know they love you as much as they do. and just keep that in your mind and let that be your fire power to successes in life! Hun, I dropped out of school when my grandma passed away and remember what I just told you.. and I'm a Senior and my graduation day is June 1, 2010 and yeah it's going to kill that day knowing they're not there but she is.. I hoped that helped!


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