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Always On My Mind

When that special person leaves this world, we are left here to deal with our grief.

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My grandmother passed away on the 26th February 2002, but I still can't …

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© Jennifer R. Boker

Published: Feb 2006


There's this one special person
She's always on my mind
All the things we use to have
Are so far behind
I wish she'd come back
I wish she'd come to stay
She left this world
And went so far away
Now that she's gone
I always pray
The very last thing she said was
Don't worry about me, I'll be okay
When she was here
She told me not to cry
But I could not help it
I know in a short time she'd die
Ever since she left
It hasn't been the same
I don't know why
But I feel I'm the one to blame
I tried my best
To keep her here
Now that she's gone
All I feel is fear
I know she's watching over me
That I do believe
I know I'll be with her someday
Because I'll have to leave


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  • by Siphokazi Mbatani, East London ,South Africa
  • Jun 2010

My grandmother passed away on the 26th February 2002, but I still can't get her off my mind. When I sleep I dream about her. She raised me from when I was 7 months old, she was my mother. She taught me everything I know. She was the kind and sweetest person I've ever known. She loved me very much and she was very protective of me. She was diabetic and she died at the age of 64. I miss her so much, sometimes I wish I can bring her back. My mother is still alive but I don't have that mother daughter relationship with her, we are like sisters. Every precious moment I had with Mamlowa I will always treasure for the rest of my life.


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