Father and Child Poem

A girl writes a letter to her father asking for his love and support.

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My wife wanted a divorce and in the wake were our children. I have a …

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© Kandice R. Graves

Published: Feb 2006

Dear Daddy

I need you now.
Please take me by the hand.
Stand by my hour of need,
take time to understand.

Take my hand, dear daddy
and lead me from this place.
Chase away my doubts and fears
and wipe away my tears.

Dear daddy, I cannot stand alone.
I need your hand to hold.
The warmth of your gentle touch,
in my world that's grown so cold.

Please be a daddy to me
and hold me day by day,
because with your loving hand in mine
I know we'll find a way.


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  • by Rj, Virginia
  • May 2012

My wife wanted a divorce and in the wake were our children. I have a girlfriend with two kids. My daughter thinks I've replaced her and her brother with them...but I could never replace them. I only wish she would talk to me so I can explain that her and her brother will always be the center of my world and that no one could or will ever replace them.

I love you Sierra, my only daughter.


  • by Sharade
  • Apr 2009

I am 16 year old girl without a father I don't know anything about him or what he is. I am pretty sure that my Mom doesn't know either. Every father's day it's tough to know what other kids are getting for there dads when I am giving nothing it's hard but I have to deal with it and there is really nothing that I can do it wasn't my choice to be here. I was just born and I am sorry for that.


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