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I sat with my mom in the last days of her life. I told her every thing would be ok. She went through the stages of death very slowly. She was 52 years old-I miss her.

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My mother died 11 years ago from cancer. I took care of her and miss her now and for the rest of my life. I know she is in heaven, She was a loving and caring mother. Mom you're the …

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© Jenifer Felice

Published: Apr 2011

Dear Mom I Miss You

The day you died I kissed your face four times
After you died I held you close to me
I knew it would be the last time I held you for the rest of my life
You were so sick, in so much pain
That is no life
I know you were afraid to die
I hope you have found comfort
Do you remember how I held your hand and lay my head on your shoulder
Even at that moment I couldn't imagine life without you
People talk about broken hearts in songs or movies
Until that moment I had never known a true broken heart
Over and over I thought "How can I live without you?"
I watched you live, I watch you die
Every day I look up at the sky
I know you're waiting for me
I miss you


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  • by David
  • 8/3/2014

My mother died 11 years ago from cancer. I took care of her and miss her now and for the rest of my life. I know she is in heaven, She was a loving and caring mother. Mom you're the best....Love....


  • by Mvr, New York
  • 8/2/2014

My Mom passed away on April 14th after a 4 month battle with pancreatic cancer. It is unreal. She was so healthy and exercised everyday. No symptoms with this cancer until it is much too late to do anything. She was my inspiration, my soul mate, my friend, my sister, my mom, my life. I have been so lost without her and if wasn't for my daughter and my sister I don't think I could live in this world without her. We were so very close. We spoke everyday and shared the same dreams and goals for our family. I miss her so much. It's hard some days to care much about anything now that my inner light has been darkened forever. I have lost almost all of my inspiration on almost very level except for making sure that my daughter is not suffering as much as I am. She is 3 though so her pain is much different. I've cried almost everyday since my mom was so cruelly taken from me. Watching her die slowly from cancer was heart wrenching. How can life be so cruel. This poem is so true. I never known a broken heart until now. There is nothing that will ever mend it. I love and miss you and hope that you will wait for me.


  • by Kathleen Wesley
  • 7/16/2014

My mum died on the 23rd of March this year. She died from renal failure, she was 57. I never saw it coming one day she's getting better the next she's gone. Most days I wake up and I can't believe she's not here anymore. I struggle with the silence, where her bedroom light used to be on, where she would watch TV of a night and hearing her playing her favorite movies, it's all dead silent now. It makes me feel so empty, confused and sad. I'm nearly finished university degree, I'm 26 and It blows my mind all the things she won't be around for. It seems like I'm in a nightmare I can't wake up from.

Live your life to the fullest you don't know if you will have tomorrow.


  • by Falak
  • 7/11/2014

I lost my mom last year on the 1st of September because of cancer. I just pray to god to eliminate this disease from this world!!!


  • by Udai, India
  • 7/4/2014

My mother too died couple of weeks back. I used to live with her in same house. She was unwell from last 10 years or so. I used to take care of her, best of my ability. She was suffering from Bronchitis Asthma. I always made a point to look after and care for her and ensure that all her deep rooted desires are fulfilled. In between I went out of town for work and came back in a couple of years as it becomes unbearable to live without mumma. I got married, led a happy married life and have kids which delighted her to the core. I made a point to get the best of treatment in hospital till last point of her time. She eventually died. It was a terrible time for me. Whoever read this and has his/her mother alive, I request them to stay with their mother in same house, take best care of her throughout her life. Even though if she dies, one can have solace that he/she taken best care of her and was close to her during her last breath.


  • by Chandan Gurjar
  • 6/16/2014

I lost my mother after a surgery to treat duodenal cancer. She died of Pulmonary embolism. She was supposed to get discharged the next day And guess what, cruel fate... I get a call at 3 am to say she is gone... How bad can that be...
I miss you mom. You appear in my dreams everyday. Without you, my life has lost purpose and direction. If only I can trade all that I have achieved in life to get you back, I will do so with a smile. It has been a year and a half, but it looks like you were with me till yesterday. Please come back mom, I just can't live without you.


  • by Amy
  • 4/25/2014

I can also relate to it too, I lost my mother from cancer and on the 29th of this month of April she'll be a year of being dead and it's just so hard for me because she died at the age of 51 :'( I just miss her so much and wish she was back, I was there taking care of her until she passed away and my family pushed me away from her and put me inside my room blocking my view and way to my mom's room.


  • by Jamie, Washington DC
  • 4/21/2014

It was my mom and me when we helped my dad die. Then it was me when my mom was dying. She was scared and I told her it wouldn't hurt that it would come natural, but it didn't. She choked to death just like she was scared was going to happen and I let her down. I am so sorry mommy. I love you and I miss you.


  • by Mr, Ontario
  • 4/6/2014

I lost my mom 6 years tomorrow.
There are days when it seems ok and I can breath and live a normal life, and others when I can't seem to get it together.
At the 6 year mark, I think I should really be ''getting over it''. I always take off her ''death date'' and spend it with my family but this year I opted to work from home. It was a silly notion that I will never do again! I will always take that day off to be as sad or as happy as I want. My Mom was only 50 when she died of a brain tumour. After I had a severe car accident, Mom had seizures where they found an aggressive brain tumour that would take her life after 18 months and a day. Thankfully I was there with her when she died and spent many moments in the days and months prior with lots of hugs and phone calls and dates together.
She was a one of a kind, gracious, passionate, and loved me unconditionally. That's the thing I miss the most - I could do anything because she was my biggest fan. Miss you Mom, glad you are in heaven. Love your baby girl.


  • by Celestina
  • 3/21/2014

I lost my mom when I was 14... She died at 38 years old.
Now I'm 15 years old and still missing her. :)
I was crying a lot until my eyes are sore.
I wish I can see her again, or even hear her voice...
Just for me to say "I love you" to her.


  • by Thando,South Africa
  • 3/4/2014

It's been 9 years since I lost my mother. I was only 13 when heaven took her away from me. I know she`s in good hands and I know someday I will see her. Everybody misses you ma


  • by Ann, Ohio
  • 3/4/2014

My Mother was my best friend and yet remained my disciplined Mom, she never blurred the lines. She passed away 8 months ago after a year long illness of ups and downs. Even during the last down turn, I really thought she would survive and stay with me longer. I miss her so much and it hurts so bad. No one understands me like my Mommy. I am 52 and she was 89. I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful daughters, they all miss her too. She was so special, oh gosh, I sure do wish I could talk to my Mom, hug her, kiss her, brush her hair, tell her so many things. I know she is in a better place and I know she is happy there with the loved ones that went before her. I just wasn't ready to not have her in my life everyday. I miss her, I miss her, I miss her, I guess I always will!


  • by Ruben, Miami Fl
  • 2/28/2014

I lost my mother nearly three weeks ago on February 9th, after a 7+ year struggle with breast cancer. Seeing "mima", as I called her, wither away broke my heart. The trauma of the last month of her life will forever remain imprinted on my mind. It was the worst, most intense, pain I have ever felt. I think of her day and night...I miss her dearly.
My consolation, my hope, and my faith is that she's in heaven and that one day we will be reunited. I know that the day I die, she will hold my hand as I did her's the day she died.
This evening, as I prayed a few words in front of my house after saying goodnight to my dad, I saw a beautiful falling star. Thank you mommy, I know that you're telling me that you are OK. I love you and I miss you dearly...we all do...but Stephen your grandson specially so.
Mother Teresa of Calcuta once wrote: (In Spanish) "A veces sentimos que lo que hacemos es tan solo una gota en el mar, pero el mar seria menos si le faltara una gota."


  • by Us
  • 2/25/2014

My Mom died on New Years Day 2014. She was 85, but your mom being old when she dies isn't much comfort, although it would certainly be better than some here who lost their mom when they were kids.
If you smoke, stop. My mom died of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) which in a way can be worse than even cancer. Your lungs give out, and your body fills with fluid, and you basically drown. Opportunistic diseases, bronchitis, etc. abound for COPD sufferers. I miss Mom so much. I adapted the lyrics from the song, "Laras Theme" for my Mom, and when I did so, I cried like never before (and I'd lost one of my sisters, and my younger brother already to drunk drivers.) Nothing will make things better until I see her (and my siblings) in Heaven. The pain deadens after a while, but never goes away. She was my "Momma Bird" and always will be. I'm glad you're not suffering any longer, MB, but I miss you horribly. God bless all who know this pain.


  • by Venus, South Africa (Phalaborwa)
  • 2/1/2014

My mum died on the 10 June 2012. Mum was a strong woman. Rarely sick; 2 days before she passed she was doing her gardening and planted many rows of vegetables. The following morning everything changed, my brother phoned to say mum is not well, then phoned a few minutes later to say she's beginning to scare him. I drove 2 hours to the hospital, when we went to see her she was in a lot of pain, sugar too high at 39mmol I tried not to cry, by afternoon she was better even asked us to help her sit up and talked to us, mum kept saying ''my children, I have seen that you loved me so much, I will sleep very well''
I guess we were in denial becuase at the time we didn't understand what she was saying. The following day I didn't go early I phoned and at 11 am they told me she was much better. I believed Mum was fine now. At 14:00 my dad phoned crying and told me mum was gone.
I felt the clouds turn dark and covering the sky above me. I felt cold and weak. I couldn't cry. I was scared.
To my mum: I know if you could you would have stayed with us, I love you very much and miss your love and caring, your advice.
Mum in your life you did everything that needed to be done, you said everything that needed to be said. Today mama when I think of asking for advice from you, I know what you would have said, I am still guided by your wisdom mama. Love you and miss you always.
Thank you mama for the person I am today.


  • by Silva, Texas
  • 1/30/2014

Mom, I miss you so. My mom died in 2009 when she was 95 years old and I was 69 and I was still not ready for her to go. I lived with her and took care of her for 11 years before she died and sometimes I still hear her voice calling me. Mom, Mommy, Mother, I miss you so much. You were a good mom.


  • by Saroj Kumar Nishad
  • 1/12/2014

My Mom passes away when I was only 4 years.
I really don't know love of parents. but when I see a mother of my friends, My eyes got filled.
I am Missing you Mom every seconds of My life.

It's is too hard to live without you..Mom please come back


  • by Mumbai
  • 1/7/2014

Aai , yes in India we call our mom Aai. My aai taught me everything about life. She was the best mom like everyone has. She used to scold me whenever I used to do lot many mistakes but at the same time I used to get chocolates and my favourite dishes to eat. Almost eighteen years back I lost her. When I lost her I was just 19. She was kind and everyday before leaving my house I used to hug her and also used to touch her feet to take all blessings. Now today also every moment I miss her and cry in her memory in one corner cause I know God too loved my mom and hence he has taken away my mom from me. Even though I have everything I don't have her today with me. Major loss in life is my mom. Aai I love you....


  • by Carlos, Texas
  • Aug 2013

Well in March 4 2013 I lost my mom. She was 39 when she passed. I am 18 year old the day my mom gave her last breath was one of those days I didn't know what to do. That day was like dang how am I going to continue even though I didn't have a great connection with my mom it still hurt so bad to lose her. Well on top of that I lost my grandma 2 weeks later on March 18 2013 and that was hard to lose two people in the same month due to still rough a lot of stuff has changed and been rough to get used to the new changes but I don't know. Well that all I have to say...thanks


  • by Lisa, Tennessee
  • Aug 2013

A year ago, today, the thing I dreaded my entire life happened. My mom died. I sat by her side, held her hand and whispered that I loved her and kissed her.I told her I was so proud to be her daughter. I told her it was alright for her to go, that if she was too tired, she could go and that we would be ok. I knew she was exhausted. She had been in the hospital for 76 days for what started out as a very routine check-up on blood loss. After a surgery to have a cyst removed, Mom was never the same. She was confused. As the weeks progressed, Mom had two more surgeries, due to infection and more internal bleeding. She became so weak; her body too wracked with infection to be able to fight. A very gentle doctor helped us to realize it was time to say goodbye. We sat by her side from Friday to that Wednesday, waiting. We even snuck in her favorite cat to allow him to say goodbye. On August 22nd, 2012, I lost the person I loved most in this world. I miss you, Mom. Love you.


  • by Tina, Pennsylvania
  • Aug 2013

Next week is my birthday. My mom died from ovarian cancer a week after my 32nd birthday. That will be 11 years ago this month. My father died 3 years ago in November from colorectal cancer. Watching them suffer ate away at my soul and broke my heart. I will never be the same again. I miss them both so much. Life is unfair. These experiences have left me sad, alone and pessimistic. People have good intentions but truly do not understand. To live 10 years of your life surrounded with illness, try to imagine what that does to a person. To have the people you love the most cry to you because their pain is unbearable that they want to die is one of the worst experiences of my life. They never got to grow old. I guess God has a plan but I will never understand.


  • by Gillian
  • Aug 2013

My Mother died on 28th February 2013 after suffering a severe stroke at the beginning of February. She was on her own. The neighbors raised the alarm and phoned my daughter. She would have been 90 years old in September; my 60th and my twin daughter's 30th in May. We planned to have a big celebration but without Mum it wasn't right and didn't happen. Mum was unable to talk but I like to think she understood what we said to her...all but the harsh words between her daughters. We numbered three but could not agree when the Consultant said she had only had possibly six months left: I wanted her to live with my husband and I; they wouldn't the Consultant made the decision to put her in the horrible Liverpool Care Pathway. Their greed! My horror and shame! I should have fought more! I stayed with her every night and talked to her throughout. I miss her and want her back! My immediate family do too. Rot to the rest of them, especially my untruthful sisters! Shame on you!!


  • by Tracie, England
  • Jul 2013

I lost my mom a year today 25th/7 and it hurts just as much if not more than the day she walked with the angels, she was 66 years old and had so much to live for, my mom only went into hospital for tests, she was in there two days and died in my arms I love her and miss her so much, good night god bless mom xxx and a million more


  • by Tinath, Asia
  • Jun 2013

Both of my loving parents are alive. But my aunt--she was a second mum to me, and she didn't love me any less than my mum.
She went 6 years without any treatment. She had breast cancer, see. the doctors didn't know her strong will for her children, which did not waver when her husband married once again in front her eyes.
And it certainly did not waver even when she was paralyzed, weak, her organs shutting off, and with everyone at her side.
There is a difference between cheating Death and battling Death.
When she died, nobody was beside her except her betraying husband. I had just left. I cried when she died. I cried because she died alone. I let her die alone. I cried because I had promised I will take of her daughter when she died, but I couldn't keep my promise properly because I myself was too busy shouting and crying. I cried because my aunt was gone. I wouldn't see her.
I cried because I couldn't say goodbye to my aunt before she turned to dust, all away. I would never see her again.


  • by Savuya
  • Jun 2013

The most pain in my life is when I lost my mother, I was only 17 years old. We made so many plans for the following year which is this year. My mother was my best friend and I mean my everything. She was working in Grahamstown and I was far from her but she always made time for me and we adored one another. My mom was only 47 years old and she was struggling with Breast Cancer. I held her hand each and every step she had to take. But God took her unexpectedly, she was far from me I couldn't even say my last words to her or make her smile. She ended up laying in the hospital like an small helpless baby, she couldn't eat on her own. They had to feed her or use pipes to feed her. She couldn't even speak and she got tired of the pains that was eating her up decided to give up without even me seeing the last smile on her face or even touching her or holding her hand. Only had a chance to touch her face when it was cold in her casket. My heart is still hurt because I lost my everything just by losing my mother.


  • by Trying To Survive
  • May 2013

Hi everyone, My mother died 10 years ago with lot of pain in her last days. I still miss her every second. Mommy if you could hear me. It's just impossible to live without you. Without you life has no meaning. Please come in my dreams and hug me everyday. I need you very badly.


  • by Gail, Ohio
  • May 2013

My mom passes away April 2-we lived together for the last 31 years-since the night my dad died very suddenly. We were told on Feb 27 (my birthday) that her cancer had returned and that she had less than 6 months to live. I was by her side, holding her hand, when she took her last breath. I miss her so much and don't know how I am going to get through Mother's Day.


  • by Rajni, India
  • Apr 2013

Jenifer it seems that words are yours but story is mine. I did the same when my mother died. It's been around 2 years now, but I am still struggling to live without her. I do not know how would I do it for the rest of my life. I lost her to kidney failure...she was 63 years at that feels that someone has taken away some part of me away and left me in pain forever...oh god...I miss her so much....can not she come back and give me a hug?? just once...just once....please


  • by Jiselle De Montbrun, Trinidad, West Indies
  • Apr 2013

This month April 26th would be ten years since my mother passes away from colon cancer. I miss her so much, she was my best friend. A humble person that cared about her children and friends more than she did herself. My heart aches and I wish I can see and feel her again. I know in my heart that we will meet again and it would be a joyous moment. She gave her all for us and I will love her always and forever.


  • by Kristi Langenmayr
  • Mar 2013

You know when it's the time to say goodbye, at least I knew. My mom was only 59 when she passed away and I was 32 yrs old. I never thought in my life that I'd have to go through the pain I did until I was older. She knew that she had to quit smoking and she just never did. I had to take care of her for the last 6 months of her life. She was always a very independent woman and always had her head on straight. She was an R.N and a great nurse, her patients loved her. Towards the end of her life it was so hard to watch her wilt away to nothing. She couldn't drive or even be alone she was so sick and in pain. Well December 9th 2011 she went into a coma and stopped breathing and I had to call an ambulance, they intubated her which we had an DRN (do not resuscitate) that she had signed. They still went against our wishes and kept her breathing for the next day. Well we finally took her off the respirator and the doctor's put her in Hospice to keep her comfortable while she passed on to the next life in heaven.


  • by Jeff E.
  • Jan 2013

I just lost my mom on the 5th of Jan this year, this I believe is the hardest thing a son or daughter has to go through! My mom was my best friend my grandma had me go check on my mom and when I did I found her sitting on her couch gone, I got down on the floor on my knees and put my arms around her and laid my head I'm her lap and cried like a baby, it's still not real that she's gone, I never got to say goodbye, this pain and emptiness will never go away. I love my mom with all my heart and soul, if it weren't for my three sons and my loving wife, I would not want to go on! So please if you still have your mother pick up a phone, drive over their if your able to put your arms around her and tell her that you love her. Just a little something from me to you (peace)


  • by Clara, Ok
  • Jan 2013

My mom died when I was 9. Only 2 weeks from her birthday and about a month from mine. And oh my goodness was that ever hard. I still cry over her death. She died from breast cancer. My dad remarried but it is so not the same. A step mother can be a stepmother but there can only be one true mama in my heart. Ahe was so precious to me. I'll miss her every day till I meet her in heaven.


  • by G. Taylor-Franklin
  • Dec 2012

My mom died three years ago, a week before thanksgiving. She died from cervical cancer which she battled with for about a year. As I sit here and type in this text, tears are flowing. My mom was my everything and I do mean EVERYTHING! As crazy as it seems I thought she would be with me forever. I always told God to take me first because I didn't know how I could handle not having her on earth but God so fit to take my mom first. It's been a struggle for me these past three years, I even thought about ending my life. But with God's grace and mercy.....He's been sustaining me thus far. MISSING MY MOM DESPERATELY! Without her I've been like a fish without water..... Today is her birthday..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMIE"..R.I.P, I MISS YOU SO MUCH MORE THAN WORDS CAN EVER SAY OR DESCRIBE.


  • by Mary Jo, Grand Rapids Mi
  • Dec 2012

Oh mother, how I miss you so much. You were my best and only true friend. Dec. 6 you will be gone 1 month. I will never forget your touch and the feel of your hand. I hurt so much. The only comfort I have is that I know I will see you again. My mother was 80 years young and she did not suffer as she was dying. I love you so much.


  • by Nancy, Nebraska
  • Nov 2012

Today, right now, I miss you. You have been gone so long----I have lost count of the years, I think it is 17. I was 40 years old, but felt like a child who lost her mother---and I was lost. I have darling grandchildren that you have never seen, but sometimes I think maybe you are watching over them. For so many years I felt like one day I would answer the phone and it would be you. How it haunted me that I missed your last phone call the night before you died. I can't even remember your last visit to my house or the last time we talked. Some of my memories make me mad and sad, but my love for you is always there. I hope Dad is with you, and how I miss him too. I always imagine that he will come for me when it is my time, and he and I will take a ride into the gates of heaven, him driving me into the light. I want the universe to know, I miss you.


  • by Danielle, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
  • Sep 2012

I lost my mom about a month ago. It still feels like it was yesterday. I am 17 years old and it is harder than anybody I know could imagine. I keep telling them that I feel like I'm going crazy but they just don't understand. I'd always call her if I was feeling upset, and now I'm upset a lot. And all I want to do is call her but I can't. I miss her hugs and her smile and her laugh. She died of bone cancer. She was in hospice for about 2 months and even when I saw her in there, I didn't really believe it was true. Until she got really sick the day before she passed. I saw her fall apart right in front of me. Even after she was gone I couldn't leave her side. I came in the room, kissed her and ran my fingers through her hair. I walked out and ran back in and did it again. I didn't want to leave knowing I wouldn't see her again. I miss her so much :'( and I wish this was easy. I really do.
I love you so much mommy.


  • by Anonymous
  • Sep 2012

Mommy I miss you so much, even though you had health problems I never thought you could just leave me alone so soon. You left and now I feel that I've never said to you how much you meant to me. I know you loved me so much and I also know that you were afraid for leaving me alone, I say thank you for being there for me fifteen years of my life. Those years will be the most happy years I'll ever have because we were together...I LOVE you , I miss you and I wish you were here to watch me do everything you wanted me to...


  • by South Africa
  • Aug 2012

I lost my mom Dec last year and the year before that my dad, she never recovered from it. She had a heart attack - she was 60. Today she would've been 61, people say things will get better with time, it doesn't. You only get used to the pain, but every second you can feel that all is not as it should be.
Happy B-day, mom. Miss you and Love you always x


  • by Juan, Riverside California
  • Jul 2012

I lost my mother a year ago; she passed as I stood at her bed-side. She was only 61 years old. I think of her every day. I held and kissed her every chance I had, but it still seems that it was not enough. My wife would get mad at me and call me a "mama's boy" because I would seek my mother's advise when I had problems that stressed me. My mother passed in great pain and that "kills" me. I am 46 yrs old and I feel like a lost boy without my mother. Mom I miss you so much.


  • by Jacksonville N.C.
  • Jul 2012

My dad passed away 27 years ago. My two brothers passed away 17 years ago and one 10 years ago. My sister got shot 8 years ago. Now my mom died 6 weeks ago It was so hard for them all to leave me because I loved them so much but there's nothing that compares to losing a mother because she was always my best friend the one I could go to to talk about anything and she always knew the words to say especially when times were hard she knew how to make me feel better. I love you all and miss you more than words could ever say.


  • by Ashley
  • Jun 2012

My mom passed away from stage four colon cancer when I was 16 my dad had already passed away when I was 7. I miss them both more than anything. I can't believe they are gone. People say time makes things easier but they are wrong.


  • by Tiffeny, Essex
  • Jun 2012

It is hard loosing your mum, I lost my mum when I was 6 , In fact it is hard loosing both parents, my dad died when I was 4 and my Nan always used to tell me my mum died, I have always lived my life thinking ''she could be dead'' or ''she could turn up anytime'' this poem touched me and it is really well written


  • by Desma Phillips Stanford ,Ky
  • May 2012

My Mom has been dead for 1 year today. I didn't sleep at all last night. I miss her so bad, even though we really didn't talk that much for the last couple years of her life. She had a pill problem for as long as I can remember, on May 20th 2011 she took too many for the last time, and never woke up. Today is a bad day for me and I'm struggling, I have my own issues, not trying to kill myself anymore, but just wish my family had of turned out different. I think if I can handle it I'm going to call my daughter today and try to talk some sense into her, cause I don't want her to feel bad someday when I'm gone and she has things LEFT UNSAID ........


  • by Sandys
  • Feb 2012

It is so hard to watch someone you love soo much be taken away too young. I lost my mum to cancer and could relate to this beautiful poem. I laid beside her and held her hand, I watched her leave this world with such fear and uncertainty in her eyes and hope she too found peace. It was 3 years ago today and I miss more today than yesterday.


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