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I lost my Mother to cancer 9/2/2012 I wrote this in her honor. She wasn't just a mom to me she was my best friend. My heart breaks for anyone who loses their mom. May you too find comfort in these words. God bless

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Feb. 25 is my mothers birthday. I wanted to write a special poem and put it in the paper so I can honor her as big as I can. I lost her in a extremely sad way, and I hurt so very much, everyday …

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Published: Sep 2012

My Mother My Angel

Once upon a time an angel held my hand, 
She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.
Our time on earth is brief, there's lessons to be learned,
Each precious day God gives us another page is turned.
Every chapter full of memories, times of joy and tears,
Triumphs and defeats, through every passing year.
She loved us unconditionally, always by our side,
When no one else would listen, in her we could confide.
With gentle words of wisdom she led us on our way,
Down the paths of righteousness if ever we did stray. 
She saw the light in everyone and gave with no regrets,
Always from her heart let's not forget.
Angels come in many forms, for me it is my mother,  
With love I cannot say in words there'll never be another.  
Every day I turn the page in my heart will ever remain,  
Everything she taught me as I stroll down memory lane.  
Thank you God for giving me the most priceless of all treasures,
Help my Lord to keep alive her memory here forever.
I pray that I can some day be everything she hoped I would,  
That's she smiling down from heaven knowing she did good.  
As we gather here today there's no ending to her story,
Another chapter has begun full of grace and glory.
God's called her to his heavenly home, part of his great plan,
Although it may be hard, we all must understand.
Faith is what is hoped for, things we cannot see,
Heaven is promised to all of us if only we believe.

In memory of Shirley A Fowler


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  • by Carole, New Mexico
  • 12/3/2014

Feb. 25 is my mothers birthday. I wanted to write a special poem and put it in the paper so I can honor her as big as I can. I lost her in a extremely sad way, and I hurt so very much, everyday is a struggle, so I'm thinking this could be something I do for both of us... I loved your poem, it inspired me, it also made me cry-- but that's not a bad thing, really!!! It made me happy too:) thanks for sharing, lots of us need this.....


  • by Coral Jones
  • 11/24/2014

I am 11 my mother was my world she died in summer break and my heart stopped I could not believe what I was hearing one day she was in a mental hospital they told me it was because it was just another name for a hospital but I wasn't dumb she wanted to die. She had a total break down. The next day I woke up walked down stairs to see my nan my granddad my aunty my dad and many other family members they called my brother down and told us the news my heart sank and I hid behind my dad.


  • by Samantha, Plainlands
  • 10/30/2014

That poem has reminded me of losing my mother to a drunken driver on the streets, I lost my mother when I was three, and sustained severe injuries myself. I am currently in school and just about to graduate, but to know that my love, and my friend won't be there to see me graduate, or get married or to see her grandchild in a few weeks breaks my heart. A beautiful poem, like the one you wrote has brought me to my knees. God bless you. :) !!


  • by Lisa Helms, Waxhaw N.C
  • 6/3/2014

My mother in law passed away June 1st, 2014. She was 58 years old. My heart broke for my husband and for his brother. We were trying to get all of her funeral arrangements made and was asked if we had a poem to read at her funeral. I knew I wanted to but I just couldn't put one together to express my love for her. So I searched for poems for hours on end and I was just about to give up because I couldn't find a poem that explained how much she meant to me as I was closing the website I saw this poem and I knew it was the one that I had been searching for the one that had meaning to me. Thank you for expressing how much your mother meant to you because my mother in law meant that much to me. I won't ever forget you or the poem because it meant so much to you and now for me. God bless you. Your poem is touching the hearts of many people just like me.


  • by B Ee, NC
  • 4/24/2014

Was extremely beautiful and very close to my heart!
My Mom's last sister recently passed and I came to this site to find supportive words to pass on to my cousins. I will be sending this to them. Being blessed is a blessing in of itself however a mothers Love and nurturing can never be patented. This also applies to a Dad's LOVE. Losing a parent in my experience is sad and will bring many tears! I now know the tears will stop falling the sadness will lessen; the sun will come out tomorrow and the memories will never cease. I can only Pray you are fortunate to have someone to pass them too. I'm never going to stop Missing Mama, Claudette, Jr, Lewis, Roland, Aunt M, Uncle D and many more....To Be Loved!!


  • by Cecily Hamliton
  • 4/2/2014

This is a beautiful poem heart breaking yet touching I really felt the love and sadness in this


  • by Emily O'Brian
  • 3/19/2014

I understand what you went through as my mum died a couple of days ago of Breast Cancer also it spread to her brain. I never got to say goodbye or tell her how much I love her but I'm sure she knows already. She left me in tears and even though I'm quite young people told me everything and pulled me out of school that was the worst day of my life and I miss her xxx


  • by William Kelly, Alaska
  • 3/14/2014

I loved reading this poem, reminded me a lot about my mother.
She passed away 7 years ago, after my 10th birthday. She told my sister that her time was near and said it was her last Christmas with us. I just don't know how she knew she was going to leave us, but she wasn't sad because she too struggled. We were young and didn't have a clue, until that day of January 10, 2007. The pain was effective, I nearly dropped out of school but I struggled to stay and made it this far. But the love from her was unexplainable, I miss her so much. I knew she had the strength to be staying with us, but I don't know how she knew she was going to leave. It was bad to find out how she died and ever since that day I wanted my revenge on the person who beat her and murdered her to death. But I was told to forgive that sad man who murdered her. It took me a lot of years, but I let it go.
I miss you everyday, Mom. Please come visit me in my dream again soon.


  • by Evie Duncan, Glasgow
  • 3/3/2014

Your poem really touched my heart as I just lost my mum to cancer on the 25.2.2014 and it's breaking my heart that my mum is gone. She was still young too young to die. She has left us as God needed an angel and this time he picked my mum .


  • by Catherine, London
  • 2/9/2014

This is the poem I chose to read tomorrow 10 Feb 14 for mum funeral. It touched my heart. I don't know how I'm going to find the strength to stand up there and read this. I lost mum almost 2 weeks ago due to cancer and every day it gets harder. We were so close, she was our world...


  • by D Valenti
  • 2/9/2014

My mum just passed away. Over the weekend. Diagnosed with bowel cancer a month ago. We thought we had more time. Our world has been turned upside down. Thank you for this poem. All the comments. Are comforting. I hope I have the strength to read this poem at the funeral.


  • by Newark Nj
  • 2/8/2014

I'm not going to write a story but reading your poem has brought me to tears. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom in 2008 and I believe it was from a broken heart cause of my dad passing. They were married for 40 years and she just couldn't go on without him. Once again how sorry I am for your lost. Such a beautiful poem. Keep your head up and you are in my prayers.


  • by Ashley B., Pittsburgh Pa
  • 2/4/2014

To the writer Kathy thank you I'm going to keep you in my prayers. I'm losing my mother to cancer so I can honestly say I know how you are feeling. And it hurts like hell but they are going to a much better place. And to all the others out there going through this same issue. Thank you again this poem meant everything to me rated five star but beyond. Gods angel on earth. Forever looking down.


  • by Kampala, Uganda
  • 2/3/2014

Wow. This is a beautiful poem.
It has made me miss mum so much more. She passed on in 2008.


  • by Susan, Green Ohio
  • 1/16/2014

I just lost my mother yesterday morning. I cannot sleep just thinking about everything. I feel pretty numb right now and started to look things up to give me inspiration on what I will say at the funeral. I loved my mother dearly and she truly was/is an angel. I say and mean this with every part of my heart and soul! This poem really touched me


  • by Kelly Haass, Grand Blanc Michigan
  • Nov 2013

I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful poem.... I loss my Mom exactly one month ago today 10/21/13, after more than a four year battle with cancer..... The night before her funeral I was just looking for comfort in the form of poems and came across this. After reading your poem I was compelled to read it at her funeral. It so struck me, your words were mine if I actually had your talent. Thank you for helping me honor my Mother on a very bittersweet heavy heart day..... may you have peace in your heart and comfort from the memories and love for your Mom forever.... God Bless and thank you!


  • by Teresa Garcia-Pye, Lima Peru
  • Nov 2013

It is a very beautiful poem. I just lost my mom 3 weeks ago (also cancer) and your poem really touched me. Thank you!


  • by Claudia Solorzano, Texas
  • Nov 2013

I really love your poem, I was searching for comforting poems for a death of a mother, because it's been hard for me and yours really touch my heart because I can relate to your situation; I lost my mommy 2 months ago from cancer and I'm doing a poem about my feelings for her, I ALWAYS have her in my mind and prayers. I'm sure your mom is smiling down from heaven like my mom is too. May God bless you.


  • by Steve Pool, Durban, South Africa
  • Nov 2013

We lost our mother 2 days ago. It has been the hardest and most traumatic day of my life. Your poem is so beautiful and fitting, so much so, that I hope you do not mind me using it at her funeral. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful poem so that others like me can find some solace and peace in our hearts. God bless you. Best regards. Steve


  • by Sheri Thompson
  • Nov 2013

My mom just passed away a week ago. Due to complications from surgery. She fought a very hard battle for 2 months.. No food no water for 1 month. Doctors were baffled so was the Minister. My poem for my mom...
Sometimes your mom is like your favorite book,
You know her every thought word and look,
And yet you like her handy on your self,
because somehow she warms your deeper self..
Love you mom... Rest now and be with dad.. you are together at last


  • by Josie Cook Goetzville, Michigan
  • Oct 2013

I lost my mother on Oct 24 and we buried her yesterday. This was the hardest thing I have ever done. I found your poem on the internet and as soon as I read it I knew I had to read it at her funeral. I read it instead of talking about her and it was a beautiful tribute to her. Thank you for sharing this with us and allowing us to use it. Losing a mom is like no other pain I have ever experienced.


  • by Kay, North Carolina
  • Sep 2013

Hi, I am Kay Simmons and my mom passed away when I was 11, and my grandmother that I lived with recently passed away this year in May, well I am only 13 and I have been through a lot and it goes all the way back to when I was born, it is really sad to lose your mother, or anyone close to you but you just have to keep your head up and always keep her in your loving memory and it will get better, and always remember that she is watching over you and you will get to see her someday in heaven. I hope it gets better.


  • by Fabiola, Austin,Tx
  • Sep 2013

I just lost my mom on Sept 5th of cancer as well and couldn't sleep so I decided to search for poems and found yours! Had the most amazing mom and friend.

Thank you and God bless.


  • by Fafi Shoniwa
  • Aug 2013

I also lost my mom and this made me smile it is really touching I also pray to God to keep her memories alive .


  • by Barbara, Sacramento CA
  • Aug 2013

I just lost my mom, my best friend a few hours ago. I was looking for words to express how much she meant to me and how she had a positive effect on those around her. Your poem is perfect. Thank you for putting into words what I am unable to express right now.


  • by Christine O''Neill, Las Vegas Nv
  • Aug 2013

My mother just passed last night and this poem was the first one I read. I lost my best friend to stage four lung cancer. As I sit here and write this the tears are rolling down my face. Your poem is so beautiful and for me it fits everything my mother was to me thank you.


  • by Michelle Bostic , Pratt WV
  • Jun 2013

Thank you for this beautiful poem, you can tell it came straight from your heart. I lost my mom on May 16. The worst day of my life. People keep telling me it will get easier...but actually it gets harder. I hope and pray my mom is not in pain anymore and isn't mad at me for asking her to fight, it wasn't fair, I was being selfish. I just wanted my mommy.


  • by Jeanette, Miami Fl
  • May 2013

Just wanted to let you know that this Friday May 24, 2013 Memorial weekend is my mothers five year anniversary and I wanted to do something really special so I decided to have a mass and release butterflies but needed something else to express my love when I found your poem and it floored me because is just what I always thought of my mother an angel but didn't know how to put it in words. Beautiful love it and will treasure it forever.


  • by Gillian Taylor
  • Mar 2013

So sorry for your loss! x What a beautiful poem though, I also lost my mum March 2012 through a cancerous brain tumor and the words are just so fitting. She was my everything and not a day goes by I don't think of her! They say in time it gets easier, am not so sure on that, the more time that passes the more I realize just how much I miss her!


  • by Kim Bennett
  • Oct 2012

This was a great poem it reminded me of what my mother meant to me. I lost my mother 1 year ago today and I miss her so much.


  • by Hayley, Baltimore
  • Sep 2012

This is a wonderful poem. It really touched my heart. I don't know how it feels not to have a mother but the poem still touched me. My prayers are with you. Great poem! =)


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