Daughter Death Poem

Death Of Daughter Poem

I lost my daughter 2 years ago, she was my only child. I have so much trouble dealing with this loss. When I write poems to her, it is how I talk to her. It makes me feel closer to her.

When You Were Small

© Linda D. Cope
I often think of you
When you were very small.
You left your fingerprints
On almost every wall.

Back when you were growing up
They were such happy years.
How you would smile and make up games
I remember through my tears

Some day we will be together
In heaven up above.
But for now my little girl
I send you all my love.

June 2007


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Published: May 2008

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  • yes this story has touched me. Because I lost my little girl at 6 weeks. I never got to take her home she stayed at the nicu at UT in Knoxville. she had a lot wrong with her and when I heard this story it just made me think of her. I love this story and I am sorry for you and the family.

    sherri ramsey Submitted Jan 2009
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  • I feel your pain. We just lost our little grandson. Our precious daughter is forever broken and her parents are lost as for how to comfort her and our son in law. We don't always remember that they are only a gift, and we do have to give them back. May we all find comfort. Sherry for you and for the writer, we have a bond of sorrow that will be made into sweet music someday when we see our little ones again. This time we will not have to give them back. May God bless and comfort you all.

    libby sadler Submitted Feb 2009
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  • I lost my daughter in may 2006 she was 13. I know the pain you feel and I have yet found the way to move on. The memories keep me going and knowing one day we will be together again. Time has not healed any pain. I found her in her room laying on the floor. Till this day when I look down that day starts all over again. Thank you for sharing your poem.

    Kim Submitted May 2009
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  • This, too, touches my heart for I lost my precious daughter two years ago. I miss her more today than I ever have. I prayed for a miracle, but the Lord took her on home to Heaven. Oh, for just five more minutes to tell her how much I love her. She was the light of my life. I feel your pain and I cry with you for your loss.

    Judy Miller, Newnan Georgia Submitted Feb 2010
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  • I am so sorry about your baby, I can't imagine loosing my babies but my cousin did. At age 2 her baby boy drowned and to watch her in the moment was heart breaking. God bless you and one day you will see your little angel again!

    Crystal, Ohio Submitted Jun 2010
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  • I know exactly what all these parents are going thru, we lost our only daughter and granddaughter in a tragic car accident on April 19th, 2010. Our daughter was 25 and our granddaughter was 6, she would have been 7 on June 21, 2010. Not a minute goes by that I don't think about them, they left behind a loving little 3 year old son and brother and a mother and father and nana and papa that loves them dearly...

    Cathy Smith, Flomaton, AL Submitted Jul 2010
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  • Losing a child was always someone else's story, not mine. Then on August 19, 2006, my daughter, only child, was in a fatal accident along with her best friend, Lisa. A drunk driver (18 years) hit them as he was racing another car. He had a suspended license due to a DUI... My daughter had been planning her 19th birthday September 1. We had to celebrate her birthday at the gravesite. I still have nightmares of the accident, although I didn't actual see it, just what I saw on the news. Now my daughter's picture hangs on a pole. I still hear my daughter's voice, just wish I can hear it more often. Her gravesite has become my home. My life has never and will never be the been the same. Your poem is so true, many memories.

    Gloria, Phoenix Arizona Submitted Aug 2010
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  • I lost my baby girl only 3 months ago :( I was 31 weeks pregnant when I gave birth to her she was still born it was horrible :( I cant imagine what its like to loose someone that has been in your life for a very long time I fount it very hard to loose her xxx

    Zoe, Peterborough Submitted Dec 2010
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  • I lost my precious Audrianna October 25, 2010 at age 13. She was born with a disability and she was our life. I stayed home to take care of her. I never begrudged a moment of it. I am so lost and don't know who I am if I'm not Audrianna's mommy? I do have 3 other wonderful kids but they are older and do not depend on me the way she did. She died in my husband's and I arms at home once we told her it was ok to go. She fought the fight and now we are fighting to go on without her. She brought so much life to our house and now our home is quiet and unbelievably sad. I pray for strength everyday because I am not strong enough to go on without her!! Thank you for your poem, it spoke to my heart!! I cry as I write this message just thinking of Audrianna. It is still hard to believe I will never get to kiss or touch her again. God Bless all the parents that have lost a child. I do not think there is anything worse in life!!

    Melissa, New Lexington Ohio Submitted Dec 2010
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  • Beautiful poem. I lost my daughter five years ago at the age of two. It was a full year before I could look at her picture. It gets easier, but it never fades.

    Tony, Saint John, New Brunswick Submitted Feb 2011
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  • I lost my daughter 27 years ago, yesterday Feb. 23rd was the anniversary...She died almost exactly 2 weeks from her 3rd birthday.....I just wanted to let you all know that life does somehow become livable again but you are left with a very big hole in your heart forever....Every year at her anniversary I re-live hour by hour of her last day here and the hurt is so bad....but there are many days that thoughts of her bring big smiles to my face and knowing one day we will be together forever helps a lot..... I'm so sorry for each of you that have had to go through this my heart breaks everytime I hear of a parent losing a child because I truly understand your pain even though so many years have passed since my daughter went to be with God.

    Louisville, Ky Submitted Feb 2011
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  • I lost my daughter 3 years ago, aged 20.
    She suffered with a lot of depression, and was found hanging. she left behind her 8 month old baby girl. I'm bringing my granddaughter up now. She looks just like her mommy, which is very comforting to me .

    Julie, England Submitted May 2011
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  • My daughter, Candice Robin died mysteriously on 6/6/2001 at the age of 18. It still feels like it happened yesterday. Time palliates no pain. I hate it when people tell me that it is time to stop grieving. I have written a book, MORPHAN, to comfort ex-mothers like me. Hope to publish it one day. The only advice I can offer you is that God saw all that happened and He let it transpire. Trust that He knows best!

    Sister Lydia Submitted Jun 2011
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  • I lost my daughter 10 months ago today,
    she died in August 2010 she was 11 years old. I miss her so much, my heart is broken.

    Kylie, Australia Submitted Jun 2011
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  • I lost my baby girl Tamesha on April 5,2007 she was 14. She was shot by her cousin, It's been four years It feels like yesterday that she was taken away from me, Tamesha was my life because of her I change the way I lived. Tamesha was the most sweetest loving, caring warm hearted person I know, I have a 7 year old son that looks just like Tamesha he helps me go on I miss her. Her b-day is July 28 Tamesha will be 20. I'm having a gathering for her we will bbq and have pink balloons that we write a message on and release them. I will never let her be forgotten and this is how I keep her alive. They say as time goes on it gets easy but it doesn't it hurts more and more everyday. Love your children and family like it's the last day you have with them we never know when it will be the last time we see them. I am so sorry for every ones lost know one understands the pain and emptiness that we feel if they have not lost a child. You are all in my prayers. May god keep you strong. God bless you all. Alisha

    Alisha Lee, Stockton CA Submitted Jul 2011
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  • I don't even know how to start, I read all these stories and I can't believe that exist as many mothers and fathers as I am, suffering the same way that all of you. I lost my 17 years old daughter last year September 24, 2010 her anniversary is here and I'm still not believe that this is happening to me. Some days are worse then others, I've been taking therapy since she left and I can't move on yet even though I have 2 daughters that keep me up and fill all my life my heart is broken. I hope some day to remember all this with resignation and not just crying like now. God has being so generous with me and I asked every day for his help to move on, on this. I'm going to pray right now for all of us to received some comfort and resignation to our pain.

    Los Angeles CA Submitted Sep 2011
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  • Thank you for this poem it is beautiful. I lost my daughter Angel coming up Nov. 3rd, 10 years ago. She was 19 years old, and killed by a drugged driver. I miss her and wish that I could see her and hold her just one more time. I know that will only happen in my dreams, and I am very grateful for my dreams. It really is a small world because we are all connected in this big world because of losing a child. I am very grateful for your stories if just to know that I am not alone in this big world. I feel connected to you all and will pray for all of you to find peace in your hearts. Good night my sweet Angel I pray that you will visit me in my dreams tonight. Love Mom

    Rita Lujan, Utah Submitted Oct 2011
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  • I lost my 19 year old daughter, and only child, on February 21, 2010. At times my husband and seem to be doing okay, but other times (like now), we are very depressed. In so many ways it seems like just yesterday I heard her voice for the last time saying she loved me on the phone, but other times it seems so long ago. It is really difficult to see her many friends graduating from college, getting married, and having babies. It just isn't fair. A child should not die before their parents especially at an age when their life is just beginning. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a child. There is no other hurt so great.

    Janet, Monterey, Ca Submitted Nov 2011
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  • I lost my daughter/my friend on Jan. 8, 2011. She was 39 years old. She courageously battled Spindle Cell Sarcoma for 6 months. Sheri left behind a husband and 3 beautiful children/grandchildren, 7, 5 and 3 years old. I miss her more everyday. I feel the unbearable pain of all parents who lose a child. This Christmas season has been especially difficult. Merry Christmas Sheri, so much love you had and gave.

    Donna Rushak, Mi Submitted Dec 2011
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  • My daughter Joey Mae died five years ago, on valentines day of 2006 at exactly 10:45 pm, she was 10 years old then. She should be turning 16 on March 23. They said that time will heal the pain, but no... it's been five years but the pain is still there. Happy Birthday Jomae, love you so much. I miss you more every day,

    Alma D. Macam, Philippines Submitted Mar 2012
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  • I lost my 23 year old Daughter, she was hit by a Train on her way to work, she was my only Daughter and I have been holding back my grief and anger by trying to keep busy....I've always told her how much I love her but....I feel I never had the chance to say all I wanted to say !

    Robert , Chicago Submitted Aug 2012
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  • I lost my daughter Mandy 28-12-08. She was 43 she died of cancer, part of me died with her, she lived next door to me, I will never come to terms with it, not a day passes that I don't think of her.
    Now God has taken my other daughter Samantha she died suddenly last week 5-9-12
    to lose 1 child how ever old is bad enough but 2! I keep saying what have I done so bad to deserve this I'm not a bad person. I would help any one why ?????????? my life is a living nightmare now.

    Ann Fokes Herts Submitted Sep 2012
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  • I didn't know how much I hurt until I saw how much pain other moms are in too. I lost my daughter 2 years ago tomorrow Sept 20 2010 to breast cancer. Her husband was having an affair while she suffered from cancer. We didn't find out until after she died that she knew. She never wanted to hurt us by telling us and told a friend. We stayed at her house and looked after her and watched her suffer.
    It's her children (my grandsons) I now worry about. The women is now living in my daughters house and bought her 2 boys with her. They are almost the same age as my grandsons. She now drives my daughters car and uses her cell phone.
    When we want to pick the boys up we stay outside and honk the horn. It's bad enough to lose a daughter but to also go through this too. The only think I know is she is not suffering any more. LOVE YOU MY Youngest girl MISS YOU LOTS It's those that are left behind that suffer the most.

    Sandy Submitted Sep 2012
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  • We have lost our daughter Krista 9-28-09 to the H1N1. She was taken on the day of her 12th birthday! We are coming up on her 15th birthday and 3 yrs since she was taken back to God. Its truly sad to never hear her voice or laughter again! I expect her to come running through the front door from playing outside~I keep waiting!! My life has changed drastically and everyday is a battle for me to keep moving forward. They say it gets easier~Well that's a LIE!! Only those who haven't lost a child can say that, if they only knew the Pain of losing your child, maybe then they would understand. The true pain is only having memories, I want to hold her, hug her, hear her sweet voice and kiss her goodnight! I beg for the day to come so I can be with her again!!!

    Paula, Texas Submitted Sep 2012
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  • Beautiful Poem, It Has Touched me and I'm crying over it, I lost my Daughter 6 years ago, she dies on the 16th on December 2006 of Meningitis Septicemia, She was 14 months old. Every year it hurts like hell and I'm still struggling with it now, but I have a 2 year old little boy now and he is my rock. No one understands, the pain of losing a child is unbearable, again a lovely Poem and thank you. xxx

    Llandrindod Wells, Powys Submitted Dec 2012
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  • I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my 16 year old daughter March 26, 2013. I was driving her to the ER because she was in severe pain. We didn't make it, we were run over, flipped on & had a load of lumber left on us from a semi. I don't know nor understand how I survived. I had to be cut out of my car as I set next to her trying for hours to wake her not knowing that The Lord had already called my baby girl home. It's not been easy, she was looking forward to turning 17 that weekend, she didn't get to. Not a second, a minute or an hour goes by I don't think of her. Your poem really touched me.

    Betty Sowards Submitted Apr 2013
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  • So much grief! I lost my daughter 7 years ago after countless surgeries and extended hospital stays. She almost made it to her 2nd birthday. God be with you all.

    Tony Doiron Submitted 10/3/2013
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  • We lost our 17 year old daughter in January 2011 she contracted meningitis group B a devastating disease which caused her to become brain dead. We miss her so desperately every day that goes by and it gets harder without her .

    Anne, Carlisle Uk Submitted 12/6/2013
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  • I thank you for this poem. I lost my daughter at the age of almost 21 in a car wreck in 2004. She was my only daughter.

    Renee, Monticello, Indiana Submitted 4/8/2014
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  • Thank You for sharing your poem. It touched my heart. I lost my beautiful, loving, daughter Carrie at the age of 27 years old. She died in her sleep at home, the cause was undetermined, declared accidental. She suffered from depression, we lost her father in 2003, she never got over his death. I found her in her bed on Nov. 20, 2010, she had so much life yet to be lived, she was alive on July 2, 2010 when her first nephew was born. Her brother and I MISS HER and love her every minute of everyday. It is so unfair that a parent buries their children. It is not to be that way. Losing a child is the worst pain and leaves you with a part of ourselves always missing. My son just presented me with a new granddaughter and she looks so much like her aunt, it is like God knew we needed this little Angel, but our Carrie is still gone, but always loved and remembered.

    Regina Mccort; Quaker City, Ohio Submitted 5/24/2014
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