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Poem About Facing Each Day

My husband and my daughter both died due to a rare genetic condition known as amyloidosis. He died in 1985 at age 36 and she died in 2005 at age 29. There was a 50% chance that she would inherit this and I honestly thought it would not happen. I miss Stacey so much. Sometimes I cannot believe that it happened. The bond between a mother and daughter is so strong that even death cannot break it.

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© Anita Hermalin

Published on September 2011

Angel In The Sky

When I look up at the sky
I see a pair of wings go by.
It's not a bird, but an angel I see
Through the clouds, she smiles at me.
And when I see the fiery red hair
I know then that Stacey is there.
My arms long to hold her next to me.
But this is a dream that can never be.
She waves and continues on her way
So it is without her that I must face each day.
I can only remember her in my heart
With the love and memories, we're not apart.


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