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Grandma's Lil' Girl

Taking the time to thank the ones in our life who made a difference

Grandma's Lil' Girl

© Donna C. Elkins

Grandma, I was thinking of you today and a smile tickled my face.
Remembering all the things you taught me, like always to say grace.
I remember sitting in your lap while you read the Bible out loud,
To hear me sing a gospel song made you so proud.
I thought of those Saturday mornings I watched them fix your hair,
I remember crossing the street and hearing GIRL YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT THERE!!!
I remember the goodness you instilled in me though' sometimes it doesn't show,
You played a very special part in my life and I thought that you should know....
My childhood is filled with memories of you that you couldn't buy with all the gold in the world,
And even though' I am all grown up, at heart I will always be GRANDMA'S LIL' GIRL!!!


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Published: Feb 2006

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  • My grandmother passed away today at 6 p.m. I had not seen her for 14 years due to circumstances beyond my control. But even now, this poem describes the relationship she and I had. Thank you.

    Tamara Griffin Submitted Mar 2009
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  • yes it did it made me cry and it was sooo good!!

    cecily Frasier Submitted May 2009
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  • ........just like my Grandma. She was my world and I was hers, even after her passing 20 years ago, I still feel her special love in my heart. Being a blessed Grandma of seven wonderful Grandchildren, I do have to ask myself Grandma always knew what to do. Grandma did without a lot in her lifetime, but she gave everything that she had to me. Her spirit lives in me and I am proud to say that I love and cherish my Grandma to this day and always. Her life was believing in the Lord and sticking to the basics. Grandma you were an angel on earth and I know you have long earned your wings in heaven, you are my inspiration and I will always love you

    Oma's own Submitted Jun 2009
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  • Mammaw was sweet pretty and I will always admire how a strong fighter she was I will miss her and think all my life. And when I die I will be proud to see her. And I bet she will be watching over her family members all the time. When she goes to heaven she will be so happy to see her beloved husband Pappaw and I really really really loved her really really much and that's all I got to say.

    Cooper Lewis, Killeen TX Submitted Aug 2010
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  • I just saw this and it made me cry but four other poems did too. My Nana just passed away the 14th of December and I truly miss her I really wish I could have told her how much she meant to me before she left to God, even thought she wasn't really there the doctors in the ICU were amazing to her. I know that I am not the only person that misses her but this poem is amazing and it remind me of some of the things me and my Nana did together

    Becca, Great Falls Mt Submitted Jan 2011
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  • This has touched me so much!! I'm going to read this to my grandma and tell her how much I really appreciate her! I'm only 10 I love to read poems, so thank you so much!!

    Breanna, WA Submitted Feb 2011
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  • This sounds just like my Granny who died in 2007. It made me cry when I read it. She was the world to me and I miss her so much. I will be missing her for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing this poem.

    Kim, Ga Submitted Jun 2011
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  • I'm only 11 years old and I remember my grandpa when I read the poem I started crying and started writing a song :(
    I love you grandpa
    Your dearest granddaughter Elizabeth

    Mary Elizabeth Submitted Jul 2011
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  • This is a great poem it reminds me of my Grandmother who died in 2005. Oh how I miss her and wish she was here just to smile at me and tell me she loves me and I smile back and tell her I love her more. This poem has me in tears...Grandma you will forever be in my heart!!!

    Tifiny Submitted Nov 2012
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  • This poem made me cry, my grandma will be gone for 4 years this year. This was her, she was a Christian woman, she was absolutely amazing.

    Chelsy, Ontario Submitted Feb 2013
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  • I love my grandma more than anything. She is still living now at the age of 84. I love her with all my heart and she means the world to me. By the way I am nine.

    Annie, Dallas Submitted May 2013
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  • It is my grandmothers birthday on Saturday 24th 2013 and I need to write a poem for her and I have a couple in mind and I am definetly going to use on to help me on that day or the day before to write a good poem for her.
    Thank you for sharing this poem :)

    Deborah Submitted 8/21/2013
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  • Some of my best memories as a kid is with my Grandma, she was a very unique person. I loved her dearly. I hope my Granddaughter will say the same about me one day. All future grandchildren. If so I hit the jackpot. M.E.

    Michelle Submitted 1/30/2014
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  • My grandma died 5 years ago because of brain cancer. She was a very important part of my life. Now she is not with me but her memories always bring a smile on face. She was very important for me and she will always remain important for me.

    Rihanna Submitted 5/6/2014
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