Hard Times Poem

Poem About The Hard Times In Life

This is about me, my mom, and my brother, and how we are getting through a struggle of dad leaving.

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I lived with my two sisters and single mum we all tried to hold on …

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Published: May 2011

Holding On

The three of us hold on tight,
Never ever let go and we'll be alright,
We've held on this long,
And we've put up a fight,
So don't let go now,
And we'll make it through another night.


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  • by Scotland
  • 3/1/2014

I lived with my two sisters and single mum we all tried to hold on together but her drinking problem got to much and she kicked my oldest sister out when she was 17 and now I live with my dad and his girlfriend I asked if I could stay but she wouldn't let me. This poem now gives me a reason to hold on to my little family I now live with. stay strong. :)


  • by Diane Monette
  • 9/4/2013

God's Love - When you go down to the pit of pain or despair, He is with you. Don'tlose hope, He will lift you up and carry you through to give you peace and healing in your heart and soul.


I can understand what you are going through. My mother is also a single mom, she raised both my brother and me. We had hard times but now it's gone. We were broke but still my mother managed to pay for my studies and college fee, I also used to work part time and now I'm earning good as a software engineer. And I understand how important it is to be strong and holding on to your family. Stay blessed.. :)


  • by Demi, Plymouth
  • Jan 2013

This poem really touched me, it reminds me of a time when me, my brother and my sister all went through a tough time.


  • by Negros Oriental Philippines
  • Apr 2012

This poem touches my life, during the hardest time when I am about to give up on life when nothing I do seems right. But when I came across this poem I changed my point of view..


  • by Brittani Osborne, El Dorado KS
  • Jan 2012

My family and I are going through a hard time. My mom is a single mom, and she is trying to do all this on her own. She is raising 3 triplet 17 year old girl, and we are not able to pay our bills because we are running out of money and she now has no car because it broke down. This poem really inspired me because we are holding on together as a family/team and we are just trying to get through this the best we can.


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