Baby Death Poem

This is dedicated to my baby sisters and brothers who past before they got to see light. I hope the 5 of them are sitting by God's throne waiting for me to come home.

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I was pregnant with my second child and I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks …

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Published: Aug 2008

I Love You

I never got to know you
I never got to hold you
I never got to kiss you
But I'll always miss you

Mom says she's the blame
I say she's not the blame
There's people out here just the same
Yeah some might say it's lame

I am going insane
From all this pain
I think your tears are in the rain
I just can't handle this much pain

I can't wait to get to heaven and hold you
And sit down and get to know you
I will never stop kissing you
And I will never stop missing you


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  • by Holly, CW
  • Jan 2011

I was pregnant with my second child and I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks this last September and it has been the hardest thing I ever had to go through. But ever since that has happened, I feel even more blessed that God has given me one child that is beautiful and healthy and I love her more and more each day. I love you my sweet child that I lost and I know that we will meet someday soon.


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