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A mother who seems to be constantly reprimanding her son takes the time to say that "you'll always be momma's boy".

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My son is 15 & having a lot of problems. Its nice to get a reminder of …

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© Corie A. Johnson

Published: Feb 2006

I Love You Troublesome Boy

Troublesome boy what is wrong with you,
You act as though you don't know what to do.
Troublesome boy don't you hear me talking to you,
look me in my face when I am talking to you.
Troublesome boy you do no right,
What do I have to do, to show you the light?
But troublesome boy, you know what, I was just like you,
until I wised up and started doing the right thing to do.
Listen little boy, I am going to show you the way,
yesterday I was your mother, but you are my son today.
The love I have for you can't be measured in ounces or pounds,
but the love I show for you, can be measured in leaps and bounds.
Maybe I can't teach you, all the things you need to know,
or maybe I can't take you all the places you want to go.
But there is one thing for sure, and one thing I know,
no matter what you do, you'll still be mamma's boy.


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  • by Tami, Tx
  • 11/10/2013

My son is 15 & having a lot of problems. Its nice to get a reminder of what's important. I need to remind him.
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