Baby Poem

Poem about a Mom talking of the joy of raising her little boy.

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Published on February 2006

It's A Boy

You get this news one day that soon will change your life,
Not knowing what is coming next you wait for your surprise!
Congratulations, it's a boy is what they said to me,
I closed my eyes and thanked the Lord for this gift that couldn't be!
At first it was so hard, at night I couldn't sleep,
Every two hours he woke up because he had to eat!
Next thing you know he's crawling around the house,
He moves so quickly everywhere you'd think you saw a mouse!
Oh look at him go he's walking but he's really not that good,
It took him a little while to realize that he could!
Hey, you should see now he is learning how to talk, his favorite word you here a lot its lokalokaluk!
But he's still my little baby we've got lots of years to go we've got lots of time to play he's got lots of time to grow!


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