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Letting Go Poem For My Cousin As She Died

I wrote this poem for my cousin who was in hospital, I held her hand as she died and she told me not to cry. When I wrote this I was thinking of her.

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My sister supposedly shot herself... I still can't come to that …

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Published: Mar 2008

I Have To Go

I have to go,
I must go for I can no longer stay here,
there or anywhere,
I must die today,
let there be no more delay.

I'm ever so sorry it's not you or him,
not even me,
but it is destiny,
I was meant to die today,
I wish you could come too
but you can't
it's just me
not me and you.
it is the grand design of life everyone dies sooner or later.

I know it is not fair
but it's just got to happen
please don't cry,
I'm with you in your heart,
now and forever more,
but now I have no more time
please let me go live and be happy
I will wait for you
I promise
I love you,
never forget me but now my love I have to go.


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  • by Krisha, England Aka Cabazos
  • Apr 2012

My sister supposedly shot herself... I still can't come to that understanding because I knew her too well... she ran off her of the emotions... I know deep down she did not mean to do it....now I'm alone and confused... why why why.... I was supposed to see you the next day..... now I can't. I can't hug you I can't tell you no it's ok...I'm here.......please tell me why....you left this way.


  • by Thomas
  • Jul 2009

This is amazing
I started to cry when i read this
I'm so sorry about your loss


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