Mother Daughter Poem

A girl talking to her mother as she lays sick, begging her not to die, to pull through. "I need you Mom, don't go".

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I'm really touched by this poem. Can't stop the flow of tears in my …

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© Lauren M. Duncan

Published: Feb 2006

Mommy Don't Go

Fields of love,
rain drops of joy.
You hear friends saying,
you're mommys little boy.
Mommy can you play,
mommy will you stay.
Walk a little straighter mommy,
because you're leading me this way.
Mommy please don't leave,
it's not your turn to go.
I'm sitting in this waiting chair,
praying your blood will flow.
Please don't leave,
I need you here.
So my life,
can be perfectly clear.
Pull through this,
I know that you can.
Come on mommy,
it's mommys little man.
Mommy can you here me?
please say you do.
Come on mommy,
I know you'll pull through.
I love you mommy,
nothing is going to change.
Mommy please try,
so my life can stay the same.
Please try, please try!
It's not your turn,
you can not die.
Mommy I love you,
I know you love me too.
That is why you've got to make it,
please make it through.
I've said enough,
I know that you can do it.
Please stay with me,
I know you'll pull through it.

I Love You Mommy!


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Mark, Philippines
  • Jun 2013

I'm really touched by this poem. Can't stop the flow of tears in my eyes.
But situation is different here...
It's me and my sick wife (a mother of my 2 children)
I'm 35 and she's 50..
I love her so much and I can't imagine how my life would gonna be if ever she will leave me already and our kids. We are already 15 years. And I am used being with her all the time. So its really hard to live without her by my side.
Please God, touch her with your healing hands, please..
I really need her..
I really love her..

and cant leave without her..



  • by Cindy
  • Sep 2012

WOW, I cried so much, this really can touch the HEART!!! I am still crying as I write this message...


  • by Shelby, Colorado
  • Jul 2012

Oh wow... I tried not to cry, but inside I was crying, thinking about how much I love my mom and how grateful I am to have her. This poem touched my heart very much so.
I love you mommy


This is really heart touching poem...I tried so hard to stop my tears during reading this...but I can't ...


  • by shaye dull
  • Sep 2009

that was a great poem!!! have faith


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