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Poem Of A Dying Mother's Message To Family

Poem by a dying mother to her family

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Thank you for sharing this. This in someway gave me an insight of what my …

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© SHERRY L. DeBarge

Published: Feb 2006

Mother's Illness

So many thoughts I would like to say
As I lie in silence another day
People come, people go
I am alone with my thoughts you know
How did this disease come to be
Why is everyone staring at me
Why is my body not able to stand
Everyone please do not give me your hand
In my mind I still stand tall
But my body takes over and I soon fall
I am still the mother,
and wife I will always be,
But my body has taken my thoughts from me

Please excuse my anger, and harsh words to you
I still notice the kind things you do
Capture a memory that will make you smile
Hold it close to you for a while
Soon I will leave you, but do not fear
In your memory I will always be near


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  • by Lisa
  • Aug 2008

Thank you for sharing this. This in someway gave me an insight of what my mum went through when she was in the last stages of dying. there were many things I didn't understand in my mothers last days, her grumpy moods etc, in way this hurt me, as I believed mum didn't want me to be around. By reading this beautiful poem, I now realize now mum was dealing with so much herself. again Thank You


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