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The loss of a loved one is never easy, and this author has lost a bunch. This poem is a tribute to them.

Loved Ones

© Laura L. Lewis
Loved ones are precious
I know this for a fact
And when you lose one
It’s like an attack

I've lost some loved ones
To many different things
I hate losing loved ones
But it’s a bell that has to ring

Loved ones are special
I have many I should know
But it just seems
I couldn’t let them go

You try so hard
To hold on
But in one small second
Loved ones are gone

Sometimes at night
I pray for lost loved ones
Even though they won’t come back
This poem is for them the loved ones

Lloyd Nadine
Rhonda Trish
And Ashley
I love you all


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Published: Feb 2006

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  • Hi um my names Lisa and I'm 14. I've lost 2 family members to cancer and my uncle is next, I'm scared and I wrote this for him xx your poem encouraged me x

    The pain and sorrow is so much to bare,
    Knowing that you will not always be there,
    By my side, whispering in my ear,
    Not to worry and not to fear.
    Not to hide and drift away,
    But to stay strong and live another day.

    Live another day?
    I can only try,
    But my soul is dyeing and fading away
    For every time I hear you cry,
    The pain builds up and tears run down,
    My cheeks and fall to the cold ground.

    I hold you now in this time of sorrow,
    But I may not be able to hold you tomorrow.....

    Lisa, Scotland Submitted Jan 2010
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  • I loved your poem. It touched me and a lot. My grandpa passed away about a year ago. He had stomach cancer and it was very painful to see him suffer. He was 85 yrs old. I really miss him but you know what he doesn't suffer anymore and he is saving me a spot right next to him. Loved your poem

    Gabriela, Chicago Illinois Submitted May 2010
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  • I really love your poem!! I've lost my best friend of cancer in 2006 and I lost my Grandpa of Parkinson's disease in 2009. And on Sunday Nov 21,2010 is his one year anniversary of his death. I just cant believe it's almost been a year :-( but there in my heart forever and always <3

    Courtney, New Jersey Submitted Nov 2010
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  • My best friend died 1 year ago to breast cancer. I still haven't gotten over her. I'm hoping I'll move on but at the same time, I don't want to. Your poem is inspirational and touching. Love it!

    Peace.Love.Teletubbies! ~Cookie~

    Courtney, New York Submitted Jun 2011
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  • I lost my sister and my Dad both to cancer within a couple of years, my sisters funeral being on Monday... You try and find words and can't find the right ones but this says it perfectly for me.

    Janice, Australia Submitted Aug 2011
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  • Today my grandmother passed away... I can only say that I miss her. Is that enough? I feel like another part of me has gone and it won't come back. It's like all the colors are gone. I'm twelve but I was the only one there who wasn't crying it's as if I couldn't feel anything, after I read your poem it's as if I knew she was okay.

    Myah,Virgina Submitted Feb 2012
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  • I really like your poem because when I was just a little girl my grandma died from lung cancer. I was on the internet when my mom came in the room in said my grandma just pasted away. She was crying and everything I didn't know what to do it was like my head was about to bust. My mom told me I was gone have to look up some poems for grandmas funeral I started busting out crying. I still looked up poems. It was last year I was 12 when she died. When I first spotted your poem and read it I told my mom we could use yours. You made me feel like she was better off were she was then suffering.

    Kendra, Self La Hamond, Submitted Mar 2012
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  • Words are easily said but these word speak the truth . I've lost my aunty who raised me as her own to lung cancer. I will never grow apart from her, she is apart of me that I will never let go. But your poem gives me hope that she is right here next to me.

    Lilly, Chicago Submitted Apr 2012
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  • Hey my name is Daniel I'm 15, this poem touched me. I've lost a lot of people in my life.

    Daniel Submitted Apr 2012
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  • My great uncle passed last week (Sunday) and he was such a nice guy. He was loved by many and when we were at his funeral there was a lovely poem inside the card. The poem was so good that it made everyone cry cause it was so true. I'm afraid to lose any more of my family. I love them all to dearly. I'm sorry for everyone's loss. You will all be in my prayers.

    Selena, Minnesota Submitted Jun 2012
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  • I lost my Grandfather and my little brother in the same year. In 2005. 2 months apart from cancer. That was the hardest time in my life. My mum asked my brothers, my sister and myself to say something at my little brothers funeral. Somehow they all managed to find words to say but just now reading that poem I would have read that but honestly no matter what I would have said, they're gone, but at least they know how much I miss them and love them with all my heart.

    Stephanie, Melbourne Submitted Jul 2012
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  • Tomorrow its gonna be one year my aunt passed. because of blood cancer. Your poem means a lot to me...we all miss her a lot..:(

    Fatima, Cananda Submitted Jul 2012
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  • I just wrote a song for my piano teacher who lost both of his children, his father, his sister, his godson, and his niece, most of them recently. I was looking for poems and this one is so beautiful. I hope you don't mind if I use it. Thank you.

    Cassandra, New Hampshire Submitted Jul 2012
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  • Hey my name is Samantha I am 16 my mum passed away a year ago on the 11th of September 2012. When I was younger I didn't really have a nice childhood I was in and out of care from the age of 5 then when I was 10 I met my dad then I wasn't allowed to see my mum which hurt. Then I got told my mum had passed away at that moment I broke down the pain I was in I can't explain. I wanted to die myself, they say the pain will go away but it won't. The hardest thing is that I didn't get to say good bye I should of got the chance to. I love her so much and I want all this pain to go away. Love you mum I will never ever forget you and can't wait till we meet again.

    Samantha, Ireland Submitted Aug 2012
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  • I lost my cousin recently in a motorbike accident, me and him were like brother and sister and it hit me pretty hard and now his little brother is considering suicide because he wants his big brother back. I am scared to lose another little cousin and I blamed myself for the accident even though I was on the other side of the country when it happened. I still see his face every night when I fall asleep and I would do anything to hear his voice again. I love you Joel, never forgotten

    Chantae, Australia Submitted Aug 2012
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  • I lost my two best friends one of them was killed. I remember asking myself why me it was hard to say goodbye then three months later my uncle was killed on his way back from work. My world come down on me and now I am hit with another sad moment a car crash just took my baby cousin.

    I look up to the heavens knowing that you are angels now, I pray everyday cause I know you are listening to me, it's not easy to say goodbye so I never will but I will say see you later cause I know we will meet, I smile cause everyday even if it hurts, I miss you I guess god needed his angels back next to him so I will say I love you till we meet again.

    P.Hope,South Africa Submitted Oct 2012
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  • I lost my great uncle Makeen on the 22nd of May 2013. He loved me and also loved me like his own daughter. He never get angry for any reason; he was the nicest guy I ever saw. He was the nicest man and was therefore loved by many, including his family. This poem touched my broken heart very deeply. I can still remember the day we went on our family trip to Nuwara-Eliya with my great uncle On 3rd Of May. You will be in our every prayer.

    Rishi, From Srilanka Submitted 6/21/2013
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  • Hi there I have lost my twin daughter in 1999 she was a stillborn and her other twin is very much here with us and I lost my 16 year old son to drowning accident. He was having seizures and that's why it happening and I miss them both so so much and it still hurts. In 2011 I lost my dad he was sick, he lived in NSW, I lived in Vic and didn't get to say goodbye and I know they are angels up above and I talk to them every night I hope they can hear me.

    Sharon Submitted 7/6/2013
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  • I lost my grandmother a week ago she was killed in a car crash. The minute my mum told me I broke down in tears. I felt like it was the end of the world for me. Before she used to read me stories to go to sleep we were so close. Every night I pray for her and hope she is in a better place.

    Rosella Submitted 12/21/2013
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