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My daughter is a beautiful, confident 21 year old. We seem to be having trouble communicating when she comes home for summer break. I wanted her to know that I am trying to pull back. I sent this to her a few days ago. She sent me back a beautiful letter sharing herself a little more. Words can heal.

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My daughter too will be graduating at 16 and has already applied to …

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© Joanne Lees

Published: Jul 2008

Trying Too Hard

It is a fine line I walk between mother and friend.
You are too old to take all the hurt away with a kiss from a scrap.
You look as beautiful as I had imagined when I held you for the first time.
You were such a diamond to me.
I know that I can be demanding.
I know in my head that you need to be let go.
But my heart continues to say no.
It is too soon to lose my youngest to the world outside.

So please understand I don't like the way things are going.
I don't want to keep pushing you away.
I want to cross the line into the next phase.
Where we laugh and share without judgment but still praise.
I think you are the most amazing, precious jewel that I was fortunate to be given.
So please give me time and I will continue to step into the shadows until you call.
I know that I have done my job and now it is time for you to take your place.
You are a woman with so much style and grace.
I love you Jennifer with each breath I take.
I can see you in mind's eye.
All I can visualize is your smile and beauty so fine.

I am so sorry to make you feel so frustrated.
I hope that we can start from today
shaping the relationship that we both want
but are having a hard time making.



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  • by Cristina, San Benito, Texas
  • Nov 2010

My daughter too will be graduating at 16 and has already applied to several universities. She too is a gem and is wiser beyond her years. I am so very proud of her. But at the same time I struggle with the thought of letting her go. Am I doing the right thing? I don't want to hold her back.


  • by kristen
  • Feb 2009

My daughter just turned 16. Way beyond her yrs. I demanded so much from her that she over compensates and excels in everything. Graduating 2 yrs early she is stunningly captivating everyone she meets. Aspiring to accomplish great things with college at 16 is a little much to take. She is an amazing girl that I am being thrown into the phase of letting go much sooner than most moms. Where did time go? when did this happen. This is a perfect poem to let her know this is a phase for both of us to recognize and we must trust the foundation I gave her in the formative yrs.


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