Missing You Poem

I Miss My Mom And Dad

A boy writes about the terrible pain and anguish he feels since his mom and dad have left him.

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© Ronald F. Williams

Published on February 2006

Two Reasons I Cry

Two reasons I cry
My moms gone
My daddy's gone
And I'm all alone
The thought stays
And goes on day after day

Daddy I miss you
It's hard to cope with my life
Didn't want to go on without you

I still can't understand
Why can't you be here with your little man?
Why did you have to leave me?
I wish I could ease the pain myself

Momma when you left
It felt like my soul had gone
I still remember the day
You went away
I had nothing to say

I had no doubtin' you
Everyone knew
I almost gave my life just so I could be with you

I miss you so
No one could ever know
And I'm lost feeling so alone

Those are the two reasons I cry
So if you ask me why?
I'm gonna tell you
I don't know what to do

..... And I'm so alone


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