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Not Getting Love From Mother

Not receiving the love that one needs from their mother.

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This really touched me and made me cry. I know this is about a mother, but I related it to my father. My parents divorced when I was 2 yrs old. My dad isn't the caring type at all. He grew up...

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Published on May 2008

I Needed You

When I was sad and depressed,
I needed you to be cheer me up.
Instead I drank till I was numb enough not to feel anything.

When everyone was attacking me and putting me down, making me feel so low,
I needed you to be the one to defend me and be on my side
Instead I endured all the cruel words and criticism the world threw at me.

When I lost all my friends and had no one,
I needed you to be that only friend I had left,
Instead I experienced what the word "friendless" really meant.

When I was scared and frightened,
I needed you to be my security blanket.
Instead I had to live in fear.

When I was angry and full of rage,
I needed you to calm me down,
Instead I kept it all bottled up inside.

When I felt so lonely and needed someone to care,
I needed you to hold me tight and never let me go.
Instead I grew up alone with no one to turn to.

When I was hurt and in pain,
I needed you to come running with you healing ways.
Instead I remained scarred and bruised.

When I would inflict self-torture, wanting to die,
I needed you to stop me and tell me how important I was.
Instead I hid my scars and became oblivious to everyone.

When I would cry myself to sleep at night,
I needed you to wipe the tears away.
Instead I held my pillow tight while never ending tears streamed down my face.

When my world was crashing down on me,
I needed you to be the one I ran to.
Instead I locked myself in my room in complete despair.

When I felt unloved,
I needed you to tell me how much you loved me.
Instead I learned the words "I love you" are meaningless.


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Has this poem touched you? Share your story!
  • by Lauren, New Jersey
  • 8 months ago

This really touched me and made me cry. I know this is about a mother, but I related it to my father. My parents divorced when I was 2 yrs old. My dad isn't the caring type at all. He grew up with a rough life also, primarily due to his father abandoning him. I was sexually assaulted at 14 yrs old. My dad wasn't there at all. My mom helped me in every way she knew how to, but I wouldn't even get a phone call from my dad. That made things so much more painful. Now, he lives on the other side of the country and hardly talks to me. Good riddance, pop.


  • by N.M
  • 9 months ago

This poem made cry because it is exactly how I feel. I wish my mom was there to be my friend and comfort me. It's like she dislikes me. I could never turn to her for anything. I wish we had that mother/daughter bond. It's come to a point where I don't even bother with her anymore. Every time I try I end up getting hurt. She adores my sister and that hurts me very much.....


  • by Understood
  • 1 year ago

I feel the exact same. Whenever I come home from school covered in bruises (thanks to bullies) my mum doesn't notice. She just sits in the same corner of the couch and stays on her phone. When she gave me a hand-me-down phone, which I'm very grateful for, I used it for homework and my brother used his for pure YouTube videos, she looks at me in disgust and says 'You f*cking idiot! Get off your phone and socialize with your family!' And she snatches my phone off me and continues FBing (face booking) with her friends. But then she looks at my older brother and says 'Dear, I just put $10 in your account. You can spend it on some lunch tomorrow'. Sometimes her friends son comes over to sleep and she admitted that she loved him more than she loved me. She just says 'He's going through a really hard time'. His mum broke up with her boyfriend and they moved house but it was almost a year ago and she still says 'He's being a very good boy!' And scolds me when I tell her all the bad stuff he does which happens all the time. She made me sleep outside once for him. (It rained overnight as well) I feel for you. I also cut myself but Mum and my mum just says 'good job!' Because she doesn't pay attention. I cry at night because of this but she just says to everyone 'She's sulking because she can't get the stuff she wants' and then her friends scold me and tease me while she sits and laughs. I Love her but I really do consider running away as an option.


  • by Joan, Philippines
  • 1 year ago

I cried so much after reading this poem and the comments. My parents hardly ever show me that they love me. I know deep down that they do but it just never felt like it. When I was in preschool they showed their love for me but somehow it felt fake. They never believed me when I told them I was being bullied. I told them that I fought back the bullies in defense and... they still didn't believe me. I even tried to ask for help from my teacher but she just told me "Shoo! I'm having a conversation." Although I knew the conversation was unimportant as I hear her laugh and joke around. One time, my mom even told me how she wanted to kill me sometimes and how she has been thinking of disowning me. I mean, who tells that to a child? For 14 years and still going, they have hurt me both physically and mentally that I even thought about taking my own life as I felt all the more unwanted and unloved. I just want them to tell me they love me. Just once.


  • by Maite, King City California
  • 1 year ago

Mother is a druggie, basically my whole family is. I'm the youngest of 4 was filled with so much happiness as a kid. As I got older the less love I got from my mom. Father was never around left me and one of my brothers when we were babies. From moving place to place motel to motel I grew so much hate towards my mom. I always prayed that she would change her ways. I grew up wanting to accomplish so much talked about my future how I wasn't going to turn out like my mom or brothers or "sister". So much happened in short time. I seeked love from my mom but only real parents I had were my grandma and grandpa that I love so much. I got no love. Everyone else did. I asked God many times why does the person that brought me to this world not love me how could she not? I no longer seek love I got tired of trying. Always fighting with her got old. So I got love from a razor blade, caused pain that took away the other pain I felt. Cutting became a habit of mine. Later started using drugs.


  • by Aylin, China
  • 1 year ago

Very true this poem for me too... I never had any love from both of parents. They even asked me several times to leave their house or tortured me to wake up at 5 am in the morning and go on the street to find a job ! In a economy where is very hard get a job even if you have relationships to government. I was on the streets crying and in the church crying many times. Now I am 35, I am mature girl, but even in my personal life, I only loved, but nobody loved me and today I was thinking about this, when a child is unwanted, that child will never have love, no matter from which side. It's sad to see how people that you named them once "friends" treat you so bad and consider you a nothing after you treated them well. It's sad to see that there is nobody in this world to help you with something ! I need always ask someone help me, sometimes I was need do things that I hated them, in order to get help...Is sad.. but true...


  • by Mitzi
  • 2 years ago

My mother sent me away when I was 4 or younger. Endured abuse. Physically and sexually. Now she is dying and all it matters to her is my youngest sister and her sons. How sad I feel. I went to say goodbye before she passes. Never told her about the abuses, it did not matter anymore.


  • by Kimeal
  • 2 years ago

Wow...I'm blown away right now. Just when you think you're all alone, you read this heartfelt article and touching stories, and realize we share something together- we all long for that motherly love. But I also realize that you're never too old to still long for that love. I'm a 41 years old woman who desire so bad to be hugged and told...I love you. But this is where acceptance plays a big part: it may never happen! Therefore, I must learn to accept my unfulfilled relationship with my mom and move on with a forgiving heart. But the love I long for...I must transfer it to my children. This experience is a training ground for my own family...that I must love like I never been loved before. We know what that feels like. Therefore, we must turn it around and deliver it wholeheartedly to our own families. Last but least...God's love surpasses all understanding. Only He can fill the God shaped hole we have in our heart. May God bless you all with true peace and love that comes from above.


  • by M S, Dallas
  • 2 years ago

My mom always told me since I was a little girl how she liked my other two sisters. Either she beat me herself or ask my father to beat me with a belt when. She would hug them and kiss them while as a 10 year old I was there to witness but not a recipient of her love. As a 25 year old adult after I told her that her cousin sexuality abused me as a child her reaction was nothing. 2 years later when I traveled all to my birth country to see my family she had THAT cousin to pick me up from the airport! She visited me 5 years ago while I was divorced and a single mom of 2 and clinically depressed. she brought a small gift for me I took her everywhere shopping and did so much for her. When she left she called my best/only true friend and asked for the gift was not for me and she left it there. I became bedridden because of depression and lost my friend! She instigated my sister (her fav child) to call and threaten my family.


  • by Cueva, Philippines
  • 2 years ago

This poem really fits to my situation right now. Since I was a child I never really felt my Mother's love for she passed away already. I've been longing for a Mother love, but still I haven't experienced it yet. There are people around whom I thought that really loved me but they betrayed me. They never believe me. I thought I could feel love from them but I was totally wrong. I thought they knew me already inside out but the truth is they're even doubting. It's really a heart to assume that people loved you but they didn't love you the first place. I'm still longing for a Motherly love..


  • by Tiffany, Colorado
  • 3 years ago

Ever since my mother had me at the age of 19, she's blamed me for my birth and her lack of a youth. I was physically abused when I was younger. I'd show up at daycare with hand-shaped bruises on my arms, and once I had a slap mark on my face. Slowly, her abuse turned into the emotional kind. I was constantly a failure in her eyes and I ruined all hopes and dreams she had for me. Thus, my grades began to plummet from straight-A's to C's, D's, and even a few F's. This just started the hateful circle all over again. I was forced to move the day after graduation because if I stayed at the house I'd have to pay $350 a month in rent (in a house of 5 people, 2 of which worked). There were no jobs in the small town in which I lived, so I was forced to move in with my grandparents half a country away. They treat me right and I help out immensely around the house and yard. I feel loved here. However, my mother contacted me yesterday and abandoned me using the internet. It was heart-wrenching.


  • by Eleanor Robinson
  • 4 years ago

I have just had a crap week and I am always in tears right now. All my mum has done is told me to stop crying and grow up. I really need her told just hold me tight and say "I love you" just once... just once and I will be happy. It has actually been nearly four years since she said those words to me- on my tenth birthday. Never again has she told that and never again has she hugged close for comfort and had a gossip with me. It is all anger with her now. I am crying whilst reading this poem because it is so so so so so so true.


  • by Rebecca Meadows
  • 6 years ago

WOW!!! This is me for so many years. It was not until I begin to trust Jesus that I realized that I have been looking for something from my mom I will never receive. I know deep down somewhere she loves me because she gave birth to me. But I really feel she doesn't like me. I spent many years questioning myself on who I am and what I have become just to show her she can be proud of me. But it never worked, I was still lonely and longing to be loved. I spend my time now working with other young girls longing to be loved. I spend my energy loving them instead of me trying to be loved.


  • by Sarah
  • 6 years ago

I love this poem.....It reminds me of my mother..... She got custody of me two years ago. My step dad always cut me down and she let it happen.....I was depressed and over dosing on pills and she dropped me off at rehab, never came to visit and never spoke to me on the phone. I ran away from there and now I live with my daddy. It's been 8 months since my mom and I have spoken. I just wish she would call.


  • by Jean
  • 6 years ago

It is so sad how so many girls grow up without having a mother's love, for whatever reason. Mother's, if you have a daughter, tell her you love her. Don't just assume that she knows. Everyone needs to be told they are loved. The reason that this world is so full of hurting children is because they never felt that they were special enough to be told and shown that they deserved to be loved. I know that there are exceptions to that, but a lot has to do with not having a guiding hand in their daily life. It not enough to be present but to truly be involved with your kids. No one asks to be born, it is a special gift to be given life and should be treated as such. I often wonder where has the natural love from a mother to her kids gone. I am praying for this girl and her mother and all the others of this world. Take today and make it a day of change. I hope that whoever reads this knows that God loves them and that they are never alone with Him. They can turn their hurts and needs to Him.


  • by Mel Mc Farlane
  • 6 years ago

this poem really touched me brought tears, its how I felt for years when my mum left me for her new boyfriend and walked away from me at 15 left in this world felling numb, I battled with the drink and drugs anything to feel numb so I didn't have to deal with it. I'm 30 now and still battling for my mum to realize what she did to me and to get her to love me.


  • by Fanny Mae Marin Martinez
  • 6 years ago

all I need is mom LOVE MOM I really need you and you're not there for me.... when I need you only dad is. Why mom I LOVE YOU YEA but I really need you to be there for me.......................


  • by Kavita
  • 6 years ago

This poem has really touched me. I have always felt like an unwanted child due to the biased attitude of my mother towards my siblings. Being the eldest child in the family, my mother always used me for her ends and was quick to blame me for things which I did not do. On the other hand, she always defended my younger sister and brother even when they had faulted drastically. She always enjoyed letting me down in front of my sister. My sister, who is an opportunist and a very shrewd person, took advantage of the situation and lost no opportunity in humiliating me and depriving me of what I rightfully deserved. Even my marriage was arranged without my knowledge, and thereafter my whole life has become a bed of thorns. Tears, pain and depression control my life and for all this, they blame my luck and not their deeds. I ask God, what did I do deserve all this, when I only wanted true love and understanding from my family.


  • by Kelly
  • 6 years ago

As a workaholic mother, I heard my daughter telling me these things as she was growing up. I didn't know what to do or what my daughter needed from me. I was too busy working to slow down and think about it. Now that I'm on disability from work, I've had time to see my failures to her. I've asked her for forgiveness. I have pledged to be here for her and love her no matter what. I hope, in time, she will realize how much I do love her! Thanks for the poem Angie - I understand now.


  • by Isabella
  • 7 years ago

This poem is exactly what I feel about my mother. God knows I have given her everything in terms of care, understanding, acceptance, tolerance... you name it I have done it all, in spite of all these, I never felt her love? She never respected my feelings, never appreciate all the good things I've done for her, never show care. I know it's bad to even think of this but sometimes I wish I am not her real daughter (God forgive me?) so I can give a justification for all her actions!


  • by Tesha
  • 7 years ago

I feel this story a lot my birth mother abandoned me. She let her boyfriend rape me while she did the same thing to me. She was no mother I had to live in fear each day, but now I'm fine and happier then ever. I'm glad I have a mother figure in my life that cares about me, my aunt by birth


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