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A poem about the trauma of divorce.

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This poem almost brought tears to my eyes. I have also been through 2 …

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© Heather A. Richardson

Published: Feb 2006

Painful Tears

Waiting alone in a quiet room
Bad things are what I start to assume
I wait longer and longer for the word to come
As my body starts to feel nervous and numb
The door opens and my mom comes in
I can already feel her pain from within
As she tells me he will not be here
My eyes fill up with painful tears
People always tell me that I will be fine
But divorce is hard when it's your third time
Now I don't want to see him ever again
I guess I was wrong when I thought he was a friend
He lied to me hurt me just like he did to my mother
I feel like by him I am constantly being smothered
And I hope one day he feels guilty for what he did
To a 12-year-old girl which he called his kid.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Stacy, Coventry
  • Dec 2010

This poem almost brought tears to my eyes. I have also been through 2 divorces... and it has left me feeling very depressed. the fights and the hate and then the next day the person I love leaving. For awhile, I was too young to understand the first time but now I understand :'( and it will be in my heart forever. the hate and the screaming :(


  • by Elisabeth, Tomball TX
  • May 2010

I really feel like I've read this a billion times and my parents just had a REALLY big fight and I feel like my world is starting to crash down on me.


  • by Sharon Shenker
  • Feb 2009

No matter how many years I work with families experiencing separation or divorce, every time I hear or read the words that come from a child's uncensored heart... it brings tears to my eyes.


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