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I lost my beloved Nana on 6th October 2009. She was an inspiration to me and will be sadly missed. I am so grateful to have had her for as long as I did and know she will be with me in spirit. I wanted to say something personal at her funeral and wrote this poem for her x

Poem For Nana

To my dearest darling Nana,
Up in Heaven, high above,
I know today you're with us all,
And sending all your love.

Today we all remember you,
And bid you one last goodbye,
Celebrate the life you've had
And maybe have a cry.

You'll never be forgotten Nan,
I'll just close my eyes and see,
Your smiling face and feel your love
And you'll be close to me.

You had such a long life,
So many have so less,
It was your time, the Angels came,
And placed you with the best.

So dear Nana, up above
Although your no longer here,
In my heart is where I'll keep you,
Forever, you'll be near.


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Published: Oct 2009

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  • OMGosh I love this poem
    it reminds me of when my aunt pass and how bad I felt
    but you have to realize that everyone has their day and it's for the better not for the worst.

    Jalisa, Raleigh NC Submitted Feb 2010
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  • this poem touched me because I'm am very close to my grandmother. in fact, I even call her nana. I can't even think about her dying without crying.

    Jade, Indiana Submitted Feb 2010
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  • Hello, I just wanted to say, your poem is lovely, my nanny passed away a few days ago, and I am devastated, I want to say a poem for her at the funeral, I would like to you use yours and add some of my own if you don't mind.. I hope you're ok, and learning to cope with your loss, we never get over it, we just have to learn to cope with it. :) Much love to you.

    Gemma, Edinburgh UK Submitted Mar 2010
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  • My Nana just passed away yesterday. I want to read your poem at her funeral. I really hope God will give me the strength to read it. I hope you don't mind that I use your poem. Maybe our Nana's will meet in heaven.

    Tampa, Fl Submitted Apr 2010
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  • hello I just want to say I know how you feel because I have lost 2 friends and a great uncle even though my friends were young I will love them as well and my great uncle. They will all be missed and I wish you good luck and stay strong.

    Diana Ceres, California Submitted Jul 2010
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  • Hi I just wanted to say you're poem is lovely very simple and just what I was looking for to say at my nana's funeral, thank you for posting this!

    Gemma, England Submitted Sep 2010
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  • Sarah, my Nana just passed away, and I have been struggling with writing something to her for her funeral. Your's really touched me & felt true to my heart. It would be an honor to use it at her service. She was my best friend...

    Thank you…

    Dani Peterson Submitted Oct 2010
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  • Sarah, I lost my nana just before Christmas and we had her funeral on Christmas Eve.
    I loved her more than words can say my brother and I read your poem at her funeral.
    Just wanted to say thank you for posting your poem it said everything I wanted to say.
    Thank you and God Bless xx

    Chesterfield England Submitted Jan 2011
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  • Hello. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this poem. I lost my Nana a year ago, but it feels like yesterday. Your poem has said a lot of the things said at her funeral and it helps relive some of the pain. God bless you and your family. I know the both of them are watching over us right now, They will never be forgotten.

    Tiffany, Springfield,Ma Submitted Mar 2011
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  • My nana died on the 7th March this year, I was so heartbroken, didn't know what to do with myself, I was all over the place.. My grandad found her in bed next to him, me and my family went round as soon as he rang. At her funeral this is the poem that was read out, this is the most beautiful poem I have ever heard and I am grateful to have found it, as soon as I started reading it I began to cry, My nana was the world to me, I loved every minute I spent with her, **Even when she was nagging** Hehe. I love her dearly and she is missed everyday. Rest in peace Nana, God bless, Sleep tight xxx

    Tommy, Norwich Submitted May 2011
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  • This poem really hit home with me. My Nana passed away one week and three days ago. Massive heart attack. I loved her very much. she was my best friend.

    Cindy, KY Submitted Jul 2011
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  • My grandma died yesterday evening and I wanted to speak at her funeral. Thank you so much for posting this because I see many have used it to help themselves and their family during their time of grief. Your words are deep and meaningful. I hope you continue with your talent for writing! Take care and always remember to hold those you love dearly because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone! hug them and tell them how much you love and appreciate them in your life.

    Jenni, Toledo, Ohio Submitted Aug 2011
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  • This poem was so sad, I was crying, I love my nana, and didn't how much I took her gestures of kindness for granted up until now. This poem made me realize what's important in life. I will print this poem and read it aloud at my Nana's funeral when the time comes to pass. Do not worry, I will not take credit for this poem. You are a brilliant poem writer, you should be famous.

    Johnathan, New Jersey Submitted Sep 2011
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  • What a beautiful poem. I lost my Nana on Sunday 18th September 2011, She was the most wonderful and caring person. Your poem is so beautiful and I would love to read it out at her funeral as it fits her perfectly, I don't know how we are all going to cope without her. Thank you .xx

    Sally , England Submitted Sep 2011
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  • Hi, my nana passed away last night at the grand age of 95, she was like a second mum to me, someone I could turn to in times of trouble, who never judged me, she was an amazingly kind person, a huge inspiration to me and a wonderful role model, I've no idea how any of us will do without her and her guidance! Your poem really touched my heart and its as if you wrote it for her, please if you don't mind I would like to share it with my family at her funeral x

    Donna, England Submitted Oct 2011
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  • My lovely Nanna passed away on 11th November 2011. Her funeral is tomorrow the 28th and I was looking for the perfect words to say and found them here in your poem. I'm hoping to find the strength to read it and to do your beautiful words justice. Take care and thank you for writing such a beautiful poem and sharing it with us. X

    Sarah, England Submitted Nov 2011
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  • My Nan passed away last week and I wanted to find a nice poem to read. Yours stands out and delivers what I want to say. I just hope I can be brave and read it without getting upset. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem xx

    Gary, Newport Shropshire Submitted Feb 2012
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  • My Nana passed away last Saturday the 11th of February 2012. My mum and I was looking for a perfect poem for her funeral as she was very special to me and when I saw you poem it fits perfectly about her. I hope I'm brave enough to read your poem at her funeral this Thursday. Keep up the great work. xxx

    Chris, Queensland Australia Submitted Feb 2012
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  • Hi,
    My Nana died June 1, 2012. I have never lost anyone who I was so close to. If you don't mind I would like to share your sweet poem for her services. Thank you for your awesome words.

    Dianne Perea, Albuquerque, NM Submitted Jun 2012
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  • My Nanna passed away last Tuesday 25th September, 2012. I would like to have your poem read at her funeral on Thursday. My Nanna meant a great deal to me and your poem has everything in it that I would like to say to her if I could. Love your poem thank you for allowing us to share it.

    Natalie Parker Submitted Sep 2012
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  • Sarah, I found this poem yesterday, I think it's lovely my Nana passed on Monday she was 87. I think your poem is perfect and says all I would like to say when I stand up.

    Sarah, New Zealand Submitted Oct 2012
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  • I was just crying because of something that reminded me of my Nana, passed in September 2009, God love her, and I needed a way to feel as though she's here still, loving me as she always did. Sometimes I just miss her presence and the smell that all Nana's have, the comforting and maternal one. Honestly, your poem filled my void and I have to thank you for that.

    Sam, UK Submitted 6/25/2013
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  • Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for those beautiful words, I am one of 16 grandchildren that lost our lovely Nana 13 days ago, we have the funeral tomorrow and I was looking for the perfect poem to be read out, thank you for sharing.

    Helen, Essex, Uk Submitted 7/3/2013
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  • My Nana passed away a few days ago on 19th November 2013, I read your poem out at the funeral, as the words meant a lot when I think of my own Nana and how dear and special she is to me :-)

    Karen. Picton, New Zealand Submitted 11/19/2013
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  • My Nan passed away last week. She was so dear to us. She had a very long life so we can't be too sad, even though it's still very raw right now. We have her funeral tomorrow. I've written something myself to say but just wanted to say that I found the above very helpful in crafting words for her flower cards etc. So thank you. It's hard to say what you mean sometimes and any help, like above, is great.

    Lucy, Essex, Uk Submitted 12/3/2013
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  • My nana passed away 17th December 2013, I miss her so much, so hard I will not see her again, your words have given me comfort as my nana is on her final journey Tuesday 7th January 2014 where we are putting her ashes in with her parents. I hope you do not mind but I have taken a few lines from your beautiful poem to help me, thank you it's comforting to know you are not alone in sad times.

    Paula, Northumberland Submitted 1/6/2014
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  • My Nana passed away on the 30th December 2013 and her funeral was on 3rd January 2014 I miss her so much,I took some of your poem which is lovely and added some words from myself and read it out at my Nana''s Funeral, its only been a month and seems such a long time ago...she will be forever in my heart.

    Jennine Kapiti, New Zealand Submitted 1/26/2014
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  • My appreciation and thanks to everyone who has used this poem I wrote and who have commented on this. I have just realized how many comments there are and how many people have found comfort in this since I posted it. Thank you, I am so glad I shared this
    Love to you all and your loved ones in spirit
    Love and appreciation
    Sarah (author of poem for Nana)

    Sarah Vine, UK Submitted 2/20/2014
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