Graduation Poem for Friends

I wrote this poem because my fifth grade year has come to an end and it is time for graduation!!! I will miss my bffffff's Jewel, Kristi, Chanel, Natteria, Brittany, Wallce, Cassandra, and many more!!!!!

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I am in my last semester of high school and for two years now I have had a …

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© Eriel Armitage

Published: Apr 2010

Saying Goodbye

I feel the time is getting close,
When we will have to part.
I'll show that I'll miss you,
With last words from my heart.

We must be dreaming,
For it has gone too fast.
The time we have spent together,
Will soon be in our past.

I'll forget this day is coming,
Today I stand here.
Trying to tell you,
How much I really care.

We'll go our separate ways,
And I'll make it if I try.
Just hold on to our memories,
Say Never, Say Goodbye!!!


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  • by Ursula, Omaha Nebraska
  • 4/9/2014

I am in my last semester of high school and for two years now I have had a best friend. We have been best friends for about two years and I remember not liking him his freshman and my junior year. Then when we came back from the pumpkin patch after a school event we became the best of friends we are inseparable because at school you always see us together the only time we are apart is at home, any other time we are together. I will never forget my best friend and the memories we had and we created.


  • by Annette, Houston Tx
  • Mar 2011

I didn't want to leave 5th grade. We had made good memories. That will forever stay in my heart. Having a good time, laughing about something new everyday. I miss everyone, a lot. I wish I could go back in time and fix the things I did, and make the good things better. Now middle school came in the way, and I have found new friends, but I still have my old friends. I won't forget them. They are special to me.
I love them very much. I hope they are doing Ok.


  • by Stephania M.Ortillo
  • Mar 2011

It feels me happy and makes me cry. I know it is hard to say goodbye because my other classmate will change their school it is hard to me to say to them good bye elementary life hello to high school life. I am excited when my graduation will come but I don't want to forget our memories in elementary years come. GOOD BYE ELEMENTARY!!! I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!! I LOVE YOU!!!...


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