Poem about Death Of a Lover

I used to have a lover, She was my everything. I loved her passionately for three years, believing that I wasn't good enough for her, before an ex-girlfriend got jealous and tried to stab me. Seeing it coming, Savannah grabbed me and put me behind her at the last minute. She was stabbed instead and died protecting me to prove that I was good enough for her. I cried for a year and a half and I still am now.

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Snowy, My Love

© Katrionna Eady

Published on December 2011

I wanted to marry her.
Her love was the only cure
for the heartbreak I seen.
For her heart had been
where I had when it broke.
And that's where we choked.

The first year was magic.
The second, I wanted to marry her.
the third, it was when it was tragic
when her heart stopped and she hit the dirt.

a jealous past was all it took.
Now, Snowy's grave is where I look,
wishing I could rewind to the past
and say I love you to her like it was my last.

No hug, no kiss, no promises of love.
only the words, "I'll wait for you in heaven above."
so to show me what love was and could be
she took a knife in the back and died for me.


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