Grandfather Death Poem

Poem About Life Feeling Empty

I'll miss you, Grandpa =(

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Forever In Our Hearts

© Janice Andrade more by Janice Andrade

Published on April 2011

My eyes are swollen from all the tears
My cheeks stained with their trails
My heart is broken open
And I am surrounded by my fears
You used to fight the monsters
And keep me safe from harm
But now you are not with me
Now I am alone

To walk the darkened path of life
Without your brilliant guiding light
Easily I shall lose my way
Track back for I fall astray
My hands, they shake with sorrow
My heart, it bleeds with pain
My soul forever lingers
Wishing you could have stayed

The house is dark and empty
Since the day you left
It used to have a joyful feel
Now nothing but the coldness of death
Your chair sits in the living room
Your memory on my heart
It seems like the sun will not shine
Since we are apart

But one day I will see you
And all will turn to bliss
I shall give you the strongest hug
And on my forehead you shall lay a kiss
For I know you are waiting
In heaven oh so far
But there are those who love you
And you forever stay in their hearts


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