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hi I am a separated woman with 4 grownup children and 2 grandsons. I was born in Dublin Ireland. I won't say I had an easy life because it would be a lie but I found solace in my writing its just so hard to get a break in this country I don't want to make any profit from writing I love doing it I would just like to get a book of poems together well that's me

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June 2011

The Lifetime Of A Table

the table was fun
where once games were played
with children who carried smiles
the sun shining upon the different grains
while wood would come alive
many a tear was shed by each one
many a laughter was heard
plenty of books were opened and closed
stories foretold to be heard
but as time went on the table grew empty
a shadow now sits on the grain
no more the laughter the fun and the games
nothing now not even names


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