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An older sister writes a letter of love to her younger brother. She tells him how proud she is of him and shares some of life's' lessons.

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Last Thursday night the 9th of January my Brother called me. We had a good conversation, we plan to meet in the morning the 10th of January. I went to the house and I knock and knock. I...

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To My Brother With Love

© Tamarah M. Olsen

Published on February 2006

We've grown slowly apart,
But you've always been in my heart.
From a distance I watched you grow,
Wondering about the man I'd get to know.
Who you could become,
Who that could be I fathom.
Good choices you've made all together,
I'm so glad you didn't pay attention lil' brother.
So many things going on around you,
I'm so thankful it didn't drag you in too.
When put to the test,
You were meant to out shine the rest.
You have an important role here on earth,
It was given to you before your day of birth.
Walk with your head held high,
Don't worry everyone will learn why.
You have the gift, please use it wise.
Not like a birthday gift, not a surprise.
It's in your heart, soul, and your mind.
Some people find it, some get left behind.
You have found it, I'm so proud.
Hold on to it, losing it is not aloud.
I know you'll be fine, this I don't worry.
Even though you have it, don't grow up in a hurry.
You're going to be somebody, this I already know.
But there's a lot to learn, what you have will help you grow.
Keep your eyes open don't let anything pass you by.
Your great and growing greater, all you have to do is try.
I love you Jeremy from day one.
I hope I can pass your gift to my son.
He could be just like you, I wouldn't mind.
A man like you is of a greater kind.
Off into the world you go,
You'll be great, this everyone knows!


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  • by Zaneta McGhee
  • 2 years ago

Last Thursday night the 9th of January my Brother called me. We had a good conversation, we plan to meet in the morning the 10th of January. I went to the house and I knock and knock. I called and called finally I got in I found my Brother dead he died in his sleep. It hurt me so bad I still can't believe it. This poem really touched me. Rest in peace my Brother


  • by R.M.A
  • 3 years ago

The poem evokes memories of my family.. I feel like I'm gonna explode :( I really miss them


  • by Tiffany, Michigan
  • 4 years ago

My baby brother is leaving for basic training in 3 weeks. It's killing me that he's leaving. We have gotten so close the last couple years. He's my hero and always will be. I don't know how to deal with him leaving. He has never been away from home. I don't know how he will handle it but I hope he will be ok. I love you Nick. This poem touched my heart so deeply. Thank you for sharing it.


  • by Kizmel, Thomaston GA
  • 5 years ago

My brother will be leaving for Houston on July 12 for one week and then will be working overseas for the next year. So, this poem brought out feelings I never really knew existed. This is his first time going out into the real world by himself. I love him and will miss him. What's so ironic is his name is Jeremi too.


  • by Yashontra, Cleveland Ohio
  • 6 years ago

This poem really has touched me strongly my little brother passed away February 17th 2010 and this poem explains him all the way. He was only 17 years old and just had a son that was born on his birthday so this poem was very very touching of the heart


  • by Sadie Naples, Florida
  • 6 years ago

Tomorrow my brother will be leaving to Texas for basic training as a member of the United States Air Force. We have been through so much together. A father abandoning us, an alcoholic as a mother. Through those hard times we were there for each other and knew we were not alone because of it. This poem touched my heart because it is EXACTLY what I wish I could say to my brother. I myself have a two year old son, and I hope that he grows to be as admirable as his Uncle. I pray for the girl who wrote this poem and for the brother she wrote it for, and I pray for my brother who will be starting an amazing new chapter in his life!


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