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I dedicate this song to my parents who died three years ago and within 10 months of each other. I miss them very much. If I had a chance to relive my years with them again, I would have thought of their needs more and made time to visit them more often than I did.

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To My Parents

© Maria Strouza Vasiliou

Published on May 2008

To My Parents

A day does not go by without thinking of you.
I think of the past and I feel happy and sad.
You both worked hard to take care of us.
My three brothers and I had fun growing up.

I grew up, fell in love and got married.
I was busy with my everyday routine.
Taking care of the house, my husband and son.
The years started to go by so fast.

Before I knew it you were both very old.
I wished I had spent more time with you.
You gave all your time, love and care to us.
But I was too busy to even visit you two.

Now that both of you are dead and buried,
I visit your grave and think of the past.
What I would not give to see you again.
I wish I could go back to the past.

I would spend every day with you two.
I would give you my time and my care.
To make sure that you were happy and well.
Just like you did with my brothers and me.



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