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Poem About A Parent Teenager Relationship

A mother writes a letter to her teenager. She writes some of the things that are easier to communicate by the written word.

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I have three sons, numerous grandchildren who forgot who I am. Son's who …

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© Tricia Shanahan

Published: Feb 2006

To My Teenager

It's hard sometimes, when people are changing their lives
To understand each other or even talk

You are struggling right now for independence
and to live your own way...
And sometimes we struggle for the strength to let you do it

I wish now and then for the days when a kiss and hug
could make your world bright again
but your world is more difficult now
and you want to make your own way in it
which is as it should be

I want you to know that when you get hurt
I will hurt with you
and that deep down, I will always have cofidence
in your ability to find your place in your world

When you need a caring heart
or someone to listen to your deepest dreams or concerns
I will be there for you because I love and care for you

Above all else, know that I love and care for you


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  • by Toni K.
  • Apr 2013

I have three sons, numerous grandchildren who forgot who I am. Son's who forgot where they came from. It seems after their lives and families came about, instead of making their family larger, they "closed the door",
Grandchildren who I would spend quality time with one on one through their younger years, now it's "who am I", As children grow older their lives transform, but total abandonment, I don't understand,
Attempting to locate a poem related to this dilemma
Thank You


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