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We find something singularly unique in nature, something which cannot be recreated anywhere else. We seem to experience a tangible harmony when we connect with the organic world. It is a freedom that feels as vibrant as our favorite song and as simple as our own breath. In nature, we can experience life itself as it expands and fills the world around us. It is a sensation that reverberates in body, heart and mind. Is it the fresh air or something that transcends the physical that we imbibe into our beings?

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Time Spent In Nature

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Time spent in nature
is time spent realizing
that you don't know it all
and that you never will.

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Quote About Animals Having Feelings

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I know I can't speak,
but this is all true.
I cry, and hurt, and play and love.
I have feelings just like you!

Kori Stricker



Quote About Mother Nature Being In Charge

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Mankind, so smart, sometimes blind
Leaves common sense far behind.
We're moving fast and living large,
Forgetting Mother Nature's in charge.

Edith A. Phinazee

Quote Describing Being At The Ocean

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The waves whisper to me,
calling me to the soft sand.
The water sweeps over my feet,
surrounds where I stand.


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