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How do I request Permission to use a poem? How to contact a Poet?

If you are not violating the copyright of the Poet then you do not need to ask them permission.
Example: Printing one copy for a speech does not require permission. However, you should always mention the author and source.

To request permission: Send a email to the poet at: We will not respond to you. We will forward your request to the poet; at that point the poet can respond to you directly if they choose.

Keep in mind than in many cases the email address we have on file for the poet will be several years old and no longer active, if that is the case then we will not be able to help you and you will not receive any response from anyone.

Example (Please use this example):

Subject: Poem Permission Request

Dear [Poet's name],

I found your poem, "[poem title]" located on Family Friend Poems over here:
[Put URL of poem (Link to poem) here: ]

I would like your permission to use your poem in the following manner:
[What you intend to do with the poem]

[For commercially use:
How will you compensate the poet?
Example: Free copy of the book.]
[For noncommercial/personal use:
Guarantee the poets name, copyright and source for poem will be printed together with the poem ]

You may respond by emailing me at [Your email]

Thank You,
[your name, organization]
[Your contact information, email, phone number]

How do I post a poem?

Poems displayed on the Family Friend Poems website have been submitted to us through the Submit Poem Form

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