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About Susan Vidd

First and foremost, Susan has no degree in writing. You might have noticed her poems are rather simple and silly or not written in the correct format. She just enjoys writing. Susan is a retired female firefighter and paramedic. Her most important job is revealed at the end of her poem "My ordinary Life." She has created 150 cartoons rated g; mostly enjoyed by family and friends. Writing has always been an outlet. She prefers to write pieces that will make someone smile. There is so much sadness in this complicated world. I hope you enjoy her silly poems. She always has ideas, She just needs to get them down on paper. Thank you for reading her poems.
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    Poems by Susan Vidd

  • The Little Painted Turtle

    • Published: April 16, 2024

    in Animal Poems

    It was merely happenstance
    As I walked about my home
    To note the movement in the grass
    Of a creature with a dome.


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  • Those Eyes, Those Eyes, Those Loving Eyes

    All of my poetry is very simple. I am hoping you will finish it until the end to see exactly who I am referring to when I speak of "Those Eyes, Those Eyes, Those Loving Eyes". You might be surprised. Thank you for reading my poems. Hint - if you own and love your dog, you might just like this poem.

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    • Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    in Humorous Poems

    I see you standing there.
    I feel your eyes on me.

    I resume my tasks, but there you are.

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  • My Ordinary Life

    • Published: March 29, 2024

    in Meaningful Poems

    I have experienced many things.
    But, really, my life is quite ordinary.

    I can talk, walk, dance and sing;


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    I really liked this poem. I'm very impressed with all you have been able to do - as well as writing poetry. Best wishes, Ann

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  • What Will You Remember?

    • Published: April 2021

    in Current Events Poems

    What will you remember
    of the days we could not play?
    When things were very different
    from just the other day.


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    Another lovely poem by you. Keep writing - I am very much enjoying your work.

    Best wishes, Ann.

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