Poetry Quotes About Love And Relationships

Poetry Quotes To Share With Him Or Her

27 Poetry Quotes To Share With Him Or Her

Share these poetry quotes about Love with you him or her.
Finding someone who loves you for who you are is truly special. Love can transform lives. It gives people hope, purpose, and strength.

I Never Want To Be Without You

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I never want to be without you,
not in a million years.
You keep me at peace with myself,
and you chase away all my fears.

- Lindsey Stamper

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Quote About A Constant Feeling

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I know that you love me,
And that our love is true,
That no matter the chaos, the excitement, or the fears,
I know you love me as deeply as I love you.

- Sherri Wipperman

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You Give Me Hope

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You have given me hope
for a better tomorrow,
like an angel guiding me
out of my sorrow.

- Tasneem Karimjee

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Quote About A Grandmothers Love

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You placed your arms around me,
And I could plainly see,
That all the love in your heart
Was there just for me.

- Cynthia Jerdon

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