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In the moments when we experience more darkness than light, little else can be more challenging. Staying thankful in times of sadness can be one of life's greatest burdens. No matter the reason for our sadness, the task is the same. In our lowest moments, we are challenged in our ability to face these trials. We can either allow despair to consume us or use it as a unique learning opportunity. But we must remember we are never alone. Many others share in this suffering. Together we take comfort and carry on.

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Quote About Experiencing Pain

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We are all so different,
And yet so much the same.
Everyone, in some way or another,
Will experience a kind of pain.


A Letter To A Young Addict From His Mother

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When you choose life,
your family will be here
to rebuild your shattered life
and help you to build your dreams.

Patricia Daly


Quote About Needing To Spread Wings And Fly

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If it kills me to leave you
Then I will gladly die
Because with you I'm only surviving
And I have been destined to fly

Ashley N. Hyder

Quote About My Mask That Always Smiled

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Until now I'm still searching
For the thing that'll stop my crying.
For someone who'll erase my fears,
For the person who'll wipe my tears.


Quote About Husband Not Changing

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But as much
as you hurt me,
I still have love
in my heart.

- Mrs Shamley

Quote About Being Content

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Whatever you do,
make sure you're content
For the last thing you want
is something to resent

Terry Gouveia

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