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I have been tested in the past year, I have been brought to a better place and it was God through my loving wife who has taken me there. My Pammy is a natural inspiration in her self and with God I think she can move the world. After 30 years of marriage I realize that I was trying to do it all alone, without God. I now realize that God was there watching and allowing me free will, I held every burden tight and now I realize by having faith in God and my wife we can have a better life. My soul is now open and free and God through my Pammy did that for me.

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Published on December 2008

A God Sent Gift, A Beautiful Wife

Your life on this earth has been a blessing to so many a soul
My dear wife I hope that is something that you already know

I know what your life here has meant to me
It has been a blessing sent from God, that I truly see

In you I see
A delicate but strong person
In you I see
A loving and kind person
In you I see
A sharing and giving soul
In you I see
A wise and valued friend
In you I see
A very beautiful woman
In you I see
A very moral person
In you I see
A woman who has became my best friend

With you I feel
The softness of your heart
With you I feel
The commitment of true love
With you I feel
You sharing your strengths to support me and lift me up
With you I feel
Valued as a human being
With you I feel
Wisdom so great and beyond your years
With you I feel
The beauty that God has placed in your soul
With you I feel
That you are truly my best friend, my life
With you I feel
Blessed to be your husband and to have you as my wife

You are the picture and example of a perfect wife
A person that we are all so blessed to know in our lives

It is you and your love that has changed me
God through you has shown me who I need to be

The message I see through you from God above
Is that through you God has filled my heart with love

I just want you to know that I realize that I have been blessed so true
That I know now that God loves me and he has shown me that through you

So please believe that I feel so free and in love with you
That to God I promise I am his and then yours and always true

I promise to you my devotion and the rest of my life
Because with you I have a God sent gift, a beautiful wife


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