Daughter Death Poem

A Memorial Poem to My Daughter

I wrote this poem for my daughter who was unfortunately taken from me at birth. It was written to let others who read it feel my pain.

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I lost 2 daughters within 24 hours. Aug. 2013 my oldest was 48 whom …

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© T-Jay

Published: Aug 2008

My Dearest Gabriella

At night when I fall asleep
she is all I dream of...
The one who's always had my heart,
my angel from above...
I want to hold her in my arms,
comfort her when she weeps...
Be there to tuck her in at night,
then gently kiss her on the cheek...
I want to tell her sweet dreams
before she lays her head to rest...
Then whisper softly in her ear,
"to have you, I'm truly blessed"...
I want to be able to love her,
prove to her that she's my world...
Then I wake up crying tears
because I'm without my little girl...
My days without her hurt so bad,
I wish I had a memory...
And every day 'till we meet again,
I'll wish I had you here with me...

' Daddy loves you Gabriella'


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  • by Carolyn, Quebec
  • 1/14/2014

I lost 2 daughters within 24 hours. Aug. 2013 my oldest was 48 whom committed suicide and the other drug overdosed. I'm so sad, she was 44 years old. It's so painful and I'll never stop loving them or missing them. May God bless them and take of them. Thank you for sharing my story.


  • by Debra, British Columbia Canada
  • Jan 2013

There is no greater pain when we lose a child, sorrow follows your every step , Joy is no more, our beloved daughter is gone forever....
Agony is all I have left...


  • by Robert Dills, Washington
  • Jul 2012

I just lost my 3 month old daughter 5 days ago


  • by julie myers
  • Sep 2008

My name is Julie I'm 48, I had a little girl in 1978, she died in 1979 age 3 months, from a cot death, she was my world and I really loved her, when she was born she was 5lb 13oz, she was very healthy, it really broke my heart when she was taken away from me, I still think about her every day just wishing she was here with me.


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