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My Only Love, is a poem about love, death, suicide and of how one man couldn't live his life without his loved one.

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I have lost my love too.... didn't have a chance to say how I felt. My …

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© Aidan Clifford

Published: Feb 2008

My Only Love

I closed my eyes,
My tears rolled straight to the floor,
All I wanted was to feel something more,
I was torn inside,
That was all I felt now that she had died,

I wished I were dreaming,
But all I heard was the faint sound of her screaming,
I stood at her grave,
Knowing I would never see her again,
I just kept feeling this terrible pain,

I will never love again,
The pain is too intense,
If only I had more sense,
She would never have died,

I let her go to the beach that day,
She drowned and turned up on the bay,
I will never forgive myself,
It has totally effected my health,

I have a hole in my heart that will never be replaced,
The feeling I have felt,
Is like torture I have faced,
I can't deal with this anymore,
I'm going down to the ocean floor,
I will never come back,
I planned my own attack.

Aidan Clifford Copyright 2007 26 July 2007


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  • by Nicholas, Traverse City
  • 4/22/2014

I have lost my love too.... didn't have a chance to say how I felt. My best friend, the only one I had left killed them self after hearing the bad news.


  • by Bethany, Cleveland
  • Feb 2011

My boyfriend died...Well technically murdered....Someone stabbed him in the back then pushed him off of a 5 story tall building. This poem touched me because it reminds me off him..


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