Death of a Friend Poem

Deaths Of My Friends

I wrote this poem for a friend, ex-boyfriend who was murdered in 2002. In the past 6 weeks, I have lost 2 of my very closest friends. Kathleen and Philip. The both were in their 30's and both left children behind. Both deaths, although unrelated, were very sudden and unexpected. When I wrote the poem, I thought about "I should have", "Why didn't I just..." and "What if...". I have some of those feelings with the recent deaths of my friends. I want people to realize, don't wait until it's too late...

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This was actually my mom's poem(: She (Cindy) and her husband, Jeff …

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© Cindy Blake

Published: Apr 2009

Death Of My Friend

A Blue Jay landed on my fence post today
such a beautiful sight in a world of gray

I couldn't pull my eyes away, and then I thought of you
and all of the love and all of the things
that you never knew

Then I thought of me and all the things I can never change
my heart fell into pieces
my tears fell down like rain

I never said I love you, I can't erase that from my mind
I would tell you that again and again
if I could see you one more time

I'm sorry for any pain I caused and for my selfishness
But now you're gone and it's too late to say these words I guess

I felt a breeze and at that time the Blue Jay flew away
I heard a whisper in the wind, "don't worry, everything will be ok"


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  • by Ashley, Texas
  • Jul 2011

This was actually my mom's poem(:

She (Cindy) and her husband, Jeff passed away in a vehicular homicide last Saturday night...

I found the paper she had printed this out on and looked it up to make sure it was an original (before I credited her and got in trouble or something....) She had shown me this poem before, but now it kind of has another purpose for me...

Love you, mom!


  • by Bethany
  • Mar 2010

I love this poem and I miss my friend. He died and I was in love with him I wish I could see him one more time


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