Addiction Poem about Family

Driving And Drinking With A Beer Poem

A child writes about the terrible effects drinking and driving can cause.

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Oh my gosh! This is a GREAT poem! If only those who drink and drive will …

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© Jennifer King

Published: Feb 2006

The Car

Children quietly play outside
as one of the children suddenly cries
the teacher ran for the boy's help
so she could cure him for he wouldn't yelp
the unsupervised children were still at play
there were no clouds, it was a wonderful day
five kids were playing ball
when they lost it because it hit a wall
it slowly rolled across the street
thats when the little boy and the car were to meet
as the boy ran for the ball
the fast car didn't care to stall
the speeding car hit the boy
another life to destroy
the little boy let out a cry
then he slowly started to die
the car driver was drinking beer
then what he saw put him in fear
the little boy was his only one
the poor boy was this man's son
so just think twice about what you do
because this story could happen to you!


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Kiki
  • Jan 2009

Oh my gosh! This is a GREAT poem! If only those who drink and drive will read'll be a great reality check for them!:) I love this poem!


  • by nikki
  • Jan 2009

I loved this poem and it really does hit a lot of people hard because this can happen to you and you might not think so but IT can!!


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