Addiction Poem about Family

I wrote this poem while I was in county jail. I got into rehab and was inspired.

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© Amber Hay

Published on August 2008

Meth User

in your everyday life you search for glory.
I'm addicted to meth and here is my story.
I went to high school just like you did.
I even had three kids.
but still I lacked confidence I was sick to death
so at the age of 20 I was introduced to meth.
I snorted a line.
little did I know how my world would unwind.
I was spending all my cash on dope
it wasn't long till I lost all hope
I was wheelin and dealin breakin even at best
I was paying my dealer and doing the rest
the relationship with my kids suffered the most
I was doing so many drugs we weren't even close
now I'm locked up cold sober
I have the chance to start all over
I'm going to take the chance to have a life
I'm going to start over as Joe Hay's wife


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