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A poem written in tribute to a great and noble woman. A greatgrandmother, who has seen and suffered much, and is full of love and strength.

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The poem has touched me thinking of all the struggles my grandmother went …

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© Jacquia Lindsay

Published: Feb 2006

Great Grandmother, A Beautiful Woman

Strong, beautiful black woman, so peaceful and serene,
You deserve to live in Paradise and shown the finer things.
Life has dealt you plenty of cards, some winning, others bad,
And tides have brought in waves of memories; both happy and sad.
Gracious, beautiful black woman, so wonderful and divine,
You've endured many heartaches-oh the world is so unkind!
Your speech is confident, your eyes are soft and your walk is hard and bold
Your laugh equals happiness, your heart contains love, and hides the stories untold.
Tired, beautiful black woman, so patient and so calm, it's funny how you hold the family's fear within your palm!
With wrinkles, stress, and worn-torn hands, tell me how do you smile so...
When you've traveled this long, endured all this pain, and still have miles to go?
Blessed, beautiful black woman, so collected and confident,
I can't imagine a gift greater than you-your love is Heaven sent.
Don't you dare give up now, just stay strong, your reward is comin'...
Strong, courageous, gracious, blessed, and beautiful black woman.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Ricca
  • 3/22/2014

The poem has touched me thinking of all the struggles my grandmother went through as a poor black woman, yet strong and confident through all her struggle. She's still going strong always brings the family together, thanks a lot.


  • by Jacquia Lindsay
  • Aug 2012

You are all very welcome! Thank you SOOO MUCH for sharing my poem! I'm glad that I was able to touch the lives of so many people with the story of my grandmother who will be 93 years old tomorrow!!!


Jacquia Lindsay


  • by Shirley, Charlotte
  • Mar 2011

This poem was Perfect to send to our Co-worker who is in last stages of Cancer. She found out recently that she is going to be a grandmother to a little baby girl. She's been through a lot and this is the perfect poem to pick her up and encourage her. Thanks!


  • by Judayne, Kingston NY
  • Nov 2009

This poem has touched me deeply and has reminded me of my grandmother and how strong and confident she is in all that she does within the life of others and as well as hers and especially mine. I love her and thank you for writing this poem which goes out to all the other garandmothers in the world.


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