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A very dear friend of mine died at the age of 21 in a horrible car accident and was not sure that he went to heaven so my friend one night had a dream in which he appeared in it and said that he was OK and that inspired me to right this. R.I.P Elden Keith Cox J.R

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Wow... This moves me.. Because my best friend Tyler was killed in a car …

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© Hannah Murphy

Published: Mar 2011

I Will See You Again

I pray every night I could see you one last time
I look in the clouds as if for a sign
I got to sleep crying, I wish you were here
But there in my dreams you once will appear
That beautiful smile I see on your face
Assures my heart your in a better place
I knew you were special but not just to me
How so many people loved you was clearly to see
The day you were taken my heart was so broken
I knew there were words I should have not left unspoken
I miss you so much but I know you understand
I cant wait for the day I get to hold your hand
As we walk down the road that is paved with gold
We will hear all the stories we were once told
And there we will see Him. so beautiful and strong
And we will know this is where we finally belong
So soon I will be there and I know you will wait
As you take my arm through the pearly gates
But till then I will keep my head high and know it will be OK
Until we can be together again one day


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  • by Jasmine, Canada
  • Jun 2012

Wow... This moves me.. Because my best friend Tyler was killed in a car wreck. He was only 13 years old & he was just starting his life. He was the captain of the soccer team & he was just amazing at it! He wasn't like any other teenager, he never got drunk, he never got stoned, he never smoked & he always told me that he wanted his first time to be special. (When he loses his virginity.) He was completely different. I don't even remember even hearing him swear. It's so hard to find teenagers like him.

But what really breaks my heart is, he has a twin brother....
Rest in peace Tyler Scott Spurrell
December 10 1997 - November 20 2011.


  • by Caitlyn, New York
  • Mar 2011

I can definitely relate to this, my best friend was murdered on March 18th 2011. I was at a play I was supposed to be at the party she was at but I didn't go cause I couldn't, but I miss her very much she was stabbed 14 times. She was my best and dearest friend she was beautiful inside and out she was thee most unselfish person you could ever meet in the entire universe


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