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A poem I wrote to get over the suicide of a close family member/friend.

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This is so sad. I can relate my uncle took his life. I had a feeling …

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Published: Jul 2009

If Only You Knew

I never told you because I thought you knew,
but I am not sure that would change what you planned so long to do.

I had a funny feeling something was wrong,
when my cell phone went off at two in the morning- playing our song.

And then I woke to find that you had died,
but I couldn't find the tears or I would've cried.

Your parents loved you and they told you,
but that didn't stop what you planned so long to do.

You were a terrific person, a tough and determined guy
I never saw you worry and I never saw you cry.

I have wasted many tears on you,
I have prayed for you too.

But every day I wonder if you'd still be here if you knew,
if only you listened, you would have known I loved you too.


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  • by Melissa, Maine
  • 12/11/2013

This is so sad. I can relate my uncle took his life. I had a feeling something was not right why I did not go and check on you God only knows. By the time I would arrive it would be done. To hear the gun echo I should of known. I talked to him a half hour before and he seemed ok. Told him I loved him with a good bye not knowing that would be the last. Sixteen years a part he was like a brother only if I could if made him believe things would be okay.


  • by Gayle
  • Oct 2009

My grandson who was 19 years old just committed suicide by jumping in front of a train, this has devastated my daughter and her family. He was using many drugs and this consumed his life and his actions have now changed my families lives forever we will forever miss him


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