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A girl cries for the death of her mother. Life is lacking without her presence, and she hopes for the day when they are reunited.

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I understand you I miss my mother. It's been a year and I can't take it!

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Mom, I Need You Here

© Margot M. Towner

Published on February 2006

Mom, can you here my cry for you, can you feel the need I hold, the desperate need to talk to you.

I know you had to go, for it must have been better for you there than here.
I just don't know how to live without you here.

My life is not the life it was when you were in it.

I can't get it to be the same. I need you and miss you so.
I don't know what to do or which way to go.

Is there any thing I can do so I could just talk to you,
To see that you're all right, I know the place you've gone is good
for only good can go.

I'm so afraid that I have not been as good to go and I may not be given the day I look forward to, to just be with you again.



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  • by Morristown.Tn
  • 3 years ago

I lost my mother 2 months ago. It was not expected. They tell me the cause and I still cant understand. So many things I should have done different, so many things left unsaid. How can I handle this? When it's killing me inside, the regret is taking over my life.

  • by California
  • 1 year ago

I understand you I miss my mother. It's been a year and I can't take it!

  • by Anita, Tehran
  • 7 years ago

I have lost my lovely mom to stage 4 lung cancer 3 months ago. It took less than 3 months when she was first diagnosed with the disease. It was summer, and she was taking swimming lessons. She called me on a Tuesday morning and said: "Anita, my face and neck has become swollen,...". Oh my god!...I am an Internist, but never wanted to believe my mom's disease. She was so healthy, so strong, so beautiful, never smoked, never had coughs. How could it be like that? I sat by her bed in ICU during her last 12 days, kept looking at her eyes, her lovely smile and calling her name. And she kept answering me even through her unconscious times, Oh, mom, your baby girl is missing you....

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