Addiction Poem about Family

Poem About Mom's Drug Addiction

I dedicate this to all those out there who've had a bad experience with someone with a drug addiction.

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© Laura graves

Published on March 2008

How Could You?

how could you let it control you,
things were fine in the beginning
I could tell you anything
but now we can't even speak
it's like I don't exist
in your eyes like I'm nobody,
you let it control your life
and I wonder where I stand
do you even realize what this is doing to my life
do you even care you used to be the best mom
I miss those days
I want you back
I miss the good times we've had
I could never share those days with anybody
what happened
I thought you loved me
It's gotten way out of hand
I guess I don't matter
it seems your addiction is all that matters
I want to see you but
I never will be able to
I hate what you have done
I thought you would choose your daughter over anything but I guess I was wrong


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