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A parent who loses custody of his child lets the child know that they are not forgotten and that he looks forward to the day that they will be reunited.

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My ex and I have an agreed parenting plan. Co-managing conservators. She refuses visitations. I filed a contempt and ended up cutting her a deal anything to stop the alienation and get on with …

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© Garrett W. Wheeler

Published: Feb 2006

My Lost Love My Lost Child

I wonder what you're doing
and how you're living life
what new things did you learn today
and how did you sleep last night
did you feel raindrops on your face
or sunshine in your eye
of all the questions left uknown
the biggest one is why
why can't we be together
why can't I watch you grow
why can't I guide you through this world
this I just don't know
but I promise we'll be together
no matter how long it seems
just know your always in my heart
and always in my dreams


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  • by Anthony Zaragoza, Arlington, Texas
  • 11/22/2014

My ex and I have an agreed parenting plan. Co-managing conservators. She refuses visitations. I filed a contempt and ended up cutting her a deal anything to stop the alienation and get on with life. It has destroyed me emotionally to not see my son. I didn't do anything to have him taken like this. I took her back again the judge gave her a bandaid order.....she continues to deny visitations. I've filed to have the hearing expedited. Hopefully the judge changes custody. There's plenty of deadbeat dads out there I've spent all my extra cash to get her to at the bare minimum follow visitations. Why is the system so dam hard on good men who take care of their responsibilities? Why do women like this get to carry on how they do?


  • by Wayne Abraham, Naples, Florida
  • 9/16/2014

There are so many parents like me, men and women alike who lost their children from divorces. The lies that I have heard through court hearings from my wife and what she has told the courts is unbelievable. And the things that hold true, are all lies. And the courts let her get away with them. I've always been a great father to my children and always looked forward to the day to see them graduate from college and to one day walk them down the aisle when they get married just like any other father. I have three (3) daughters and one (1) son. My two daughters are married. One has 3 daughters of her own and my other daughter has 3 sons. Also my son is married. Not one of my children ever invited me to their wedding and I haven't even seen my grandchildren. They are I believe around 5 and 6 years old. I would give up my life just to see them again!! I am very disturbed or should I say I am very hurt why this all happened to me. I know I'm not the only one out there, but I can only speak for myself. My children had so much love for me at one time. Now all I do is think of them and PRAY TO GOD that one day I'll see my children again.


Hi, my name is Neil.
I would like my song ''Oh my darling Guy'' to be put alongside the Garrett W. Wheeler poem. I wrote music to this poem and it was heard in the court of law. I am not seeing my son and wish that this beautiful site and this particular poem have music to accompany the feeling I have for my son and for the special words that Garrett Wheeler has given us all.
You can listen to the song ''Oh my darling Guy'' on youtube


  • by Lynda Moran
  • 7/3/2014

Today is your birthday and everyone will be celebrating because you have the distinction of being born on the 4th of July. Your sisters and I will be sending you birthday wishes on Facebook and remembering how much we love you. My only son, their only brother. But we don't know where you are or what you are doing. Your new family is Heroin and it holds you close, so much so that you have forgotten us. But you are not forgotten and we pray for the day when you come home.


  • by Travis M
  • 6/25/2014

My daughter is 3 and I wonder the same things plus many more. I thank you for sharing.


  • by Alina, Atlanta GA
  • 6/21/2014

It's good to know that we are not alone in this world when our children are not with us and that many people have good and positive words to keep us going in times like these.


  • by Wayne , Naples Fl.
  • 5/2/2014

This poem hit home with me. There isn't enough room however for me to tell my story. Believe me I'm a great Father! The days and hours in court not only hurt the children but also me the parent. It's amazing all the lies one woman can tell. Now my children want no part of me. I have 6 grand kids I haven't seen. I wasn''t even invited to their weddings. That to me is a sin. I gave them everything. I missed out on everything. I come from a Great oriented Family.
F.A.M.I.L.Y (Father And Mother I Love You!!)


  • by Rylee
  • 4/1/2014

My dad moved away when I was 8 and I almost got taken away with him and I had to stand up to him and tell him what was on my mind and I said "This is your fault not mine not my mom's it's yours" and I am 12 now living with me mom.


  • by Amanda, Lancaster, Kentucky
  • 1/26/2014

I lost both of my boys by their father. I punished myself because I couldn't give them what him and his new wife could. I couldn't afford an attorney and my sons were adopted by their stepmother. We live in the same town. My boys still get to attend my families holidays. If I go, my family will no longer get to see them. I cannot even imagine what their father say about me to them. I emailed my oldest son and he told me that he has a new mom. I think of them every single day!! I pray every night for a miracle. My heart cannot go on. I refuse to move forward. I love them more than my own life and I will always BE RIGHT HERE.


  • by Chris
  • 1/19/2014

This poem speaks truth and I get stuck on WHY. Then it leads to WHEN. When will I be able to hug my daughter and my son again. Its been 2 years. My grief is strong and it never seems to go away. It has caused me to make some bad life decisions. I am detached and broken and struggle to fight these every day.


  • by Eric Espiritu
  • 1/14/2014

Just finish reading this heart touching poem and I still read it in my mind it just really hit my heart that I needed to cry, my 5 year old daughter was taken from me 2 months ago and I'm deeply heartbroken... I just wish to have her back :( I'm just so broken right now and I miss her badly.


  • by Ken, Anderson, Sc
  • Nov 2013

This poem sums up exactly how I feel. It's as if my soul and heart have been taken away right in front of me. Not to be a part of the kids life everyday. Not to support them everyday with kind words and encouragement. Not to be there everyday to pick them up when they fall. It's as if a part of my life has been taken from me and from them.


  • by Megan, Montana
  • Aug 2013

In 2010 my husband of 5 months beat my 3 year old son. So very badly. I was trying to get my 2 children out, but CPS came to my door the day before we were leaving. The stole my children, didn't let me see them for 2 weeks, investigated me, I jumped through their hoops for 2 years, had a baby in the middle of this, whom they took from me at the hospital, they found me mentally incapable because I have PTSD and I am bipolar, and I really just had no support system. I found out I was pregnant again, 5 months after losing my newborn, and I left the town my children were taken from me in. I signed rights away for all 3 of my babies, in order for my case to close. I have a now 15 month old daughter, they couldn't take from me after closing my case. I miss and love and need my children, so tremendously bad, I have a hard time coping. It has been 2 years since I last saw my 3 little boys. Thanks for this poem, took the words right out of my heart <3


  • by Kelly Donaldson, Missouri
  • Dec 2012

This poem touched my heart. It meant so much to me. I lost all 5 of my children in 2007, my mother has custody of them and I haven't been able to see them or talk to them since she got them. These are things that I wonder about everyday regarding my children. One day soon we will be reunited and that will be the best day of my life. I still cry for them, especially around birthdays and holidays. Thank you for this poem. It expresses exactly how I feel everyday. I am going to get it tattooed on my arm for my children.


  • by Linda
  • Nov 2012

Hi, I'm a mom who lost custody of my kids because of a man who only once abused me in front of them. I did have him locked up but it has been almost 2 years since I lost my kids. I've had a few visitations since December last year but they moved a couple of months ago and I miss them so much. I'm engaged to be married and I can truly say that this man is the second most amazing thing that ever happened to me. Just a pity my kids are not able to share this with me. He has 3 kids of his own and they 2 are amazing and feel love for them as I do my own. The saddest thing happened to his 2 year old little girl a couple of months ago while she was in her own mothers custody. She was admitted to hospital when she fell into a coma, x-rays determined that she had a crack in her skull, bleeding and swelling to the brain. Extreme brain damage to the right and her left arm at that time were broken for 10 days already. She's been in a coma for a week. We're in ICU for more than a month and almost lost her a couple of times cause she just stopped breathing. They did eventually put in a breathing tube in her throat as well as a feeding tube in her stomach. After that she spent more than a month in rehab where she learned to do everything all over again. Luckily today she's home with us for 2 weeks now. She's like a baby between 7 months to 1 year all over again. We are just thankful that we still have her no matter in what condition God gave her back to us, and of course loving and enjoying every moment with her.


  • by Tj Sadler
  • Oct 2012

This poem really touched me and made my heart ache even more. I basically had my son stolen from me by a mother so hateful and a judicial system so corrupt that I am still reeling in disbelief over the outcome years later. I have not seen my son in several years now. He is 12 years old. My ex had me so wrapped up in the legal system I had no other choice but to walk away from my son or keep facing her misuse of our legal system to totally ruin any chance of me ever having a life again. I feel that I gave up; but every part of my being was exhausted and I did not have the strength or resources, to overcome her relentless falsehoods, that the legal system eagerly "bought into." I just hope one day my son is able to figure it out for himself. A part of me has died. I now know what loss and heartbreak are really about.


  • by Hannah, Chester
  • Jun 2012

This poem made me cry thinking of my dad. I hardly see him maybe once every three months he doesn't have full custody of me and lives far away. I know he misses me and this describes what he must be thinking.


  • by Jo-Ann, South Africa
  • Jun 2012

This poem has touched my heart in a way no words could define. Its so so sad, and the reality is it happens everyday, parents and children being separated by divorce, I have always said, its the children that pay the highest price in the end, but to be separated from my daughter is a pain I could never imagine. Thank you for sharing this.


  • by Mike, New York
  • Dec 2011

Haven't slept or eaten in days, I've read several poems, listened to several songs, trying to figure out how I feel about my situation, this made me cry, which is not easily done. Touched my heart and mind. thank you. daughter taken Nov. 29th 2011 by CPS (Child Protective Services), because of lie, by daughter who was mad at me at the time, no contact since. CPS said they had to investigate.
This is the worst week of my life, except when her mother passed away, 10 years ago.
Again thank you


  • by Chris, West Midlands
  • Oct 2011

I loved this poem I lost my deaf daughter and her son in a fire. she was twenty and William was two. Although it's some time ago I still feel the pain every day this poem could apply to lost children as in court cases and lost children in death they each carry so much pain thank you Chris


  • by Leigh-Ann
  • Oct 2011

I know exactly how you feel, I have lost custody of my daughters and it hurts everyday =(


  • by Tommie
  • Sep 2011

This poem is what my heart yearns to say, not as a parent but as a caregiver. God choose to remove a three year old child from this world and give us an angel without fear and pain. The words in this poem are what my heart aches to let him know. One day I will be reunited with him and our patchwork family will be reunited.


  • by Ruth, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Jun 2011

I lost my baby daughter recently. She was everything to me. It still hurts and I know for sure however long it takes I will be with my baby one day. The poem has greatly helped,


  • by T.J.
  • May 2011

This poem has touched my heart. I have recently found out about a son that I was never told about. his mother gave him away to his grandmother and told her she has no idea who the father was. I found my baby boy and contacted his grandmother to let her know that I am the father and offered my assistance and want to be in his life. she then turned me away. I am still hurting and cry when I'm alone.


  • by Sheryl, Philippines
  • Mar 2011

I was touched as I read this poem. I lost my daughter when she was 2 and a half months old, she was sick, I saw her dying and witness her last breath. I feel useless and hopeless during that time. The first thing that comes up into my mind was, "If only I can replace her situation so she can't feel the pain anymore". As a mother seeing her only child catching her breath broke my heart. I miss my daughter so much!


  • by Calvin
  • Jan 2011

This is the most touching of all poems I have been reading. I am going through a time when my daughter is angry and has turned away from me for now. I would never wish the pain a father goes through when something like this happens on anyone. Thank you I could not put my feelings in words but needed to read it to understand it. I love my daughter so much.


  • by Carmen, Lancaster
  • Oct 2010

I thought this poem was touching..I'm going through some custody battles right now with my daughters dad. He's a great dad. He has full custody but I feel as though the courts failed me many times. I did a stupid thing by not complying with the judges order to give my daughter back when I was suppose to to her dad. We had 50-50..It's been 8 months since that and I'm still fighting! Custody battles can get ugly! I didn't realize what I was getting myself into! :( good luck to you though. Seems like your a father who wants to be with your child. Hope that all works out soon! Stay strong!


  • by Simran
  • Feb 2010

I like the poem and thought it was very thoughtful, it is also very touching as it seems like this father is in pain as he is not able to see his child that he loves which means he is not able to see the child he loves grow.


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