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I wanted to keep my baby, but I know I couldn't. I'm 19 years old with a very strict Hispanic family. I cried days before my termination and days after. I was 10 weeks. Just before my termination I saw my baby on the ultrasound just moving away..looking happy. It was very hard. And a life lesson truly learned.

My Unborn Love

© Dimplez
The day I found out about you
I didn't know what to do
I broke down and cried
Because I knew I couldn't have you

I went home that night
more scared then ever
I fell asleep holding onto you
And you made me feel better.

I woke up the next morning
Saying good morning to you
I ate a full breakfast
So that you can be full too.

During the weeks I kept you protected
kept you warm and safe from the unexpected
As I laid holding my belly, looking at the moon
I realized my baby, that I have fallen in love with you

My son, my daughter, my unborn love
You are a gift sent to me and daddy from above
I have learned a love like no other
And that's the love between a child and mother,

Baby, tonight is my last night with you
Tomorrow you will be with someone new
His name is GOD and he is expecting you
To my unborn child who I will never get to meet
I hope when your in heaven
You will forgive daddy and me.

I love you and I'm sorry


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Published: Oct 2011

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  • I am sorry Hun. I know exactly how you feel. When I was fourteen I got pregnant and I knew I couldn't take care of it and if I did have it there was a chance of me dying so I had to have an abortion too. I am so sorry.

    Amanda Nicole Submitted Oct 2011

  • I know exactly how you feel. I had to have an abortion too, first because I'm 18, a senior in high school, and I live on my own with a roommate. My part time job isn't enough for even me. My parents are really strict and there was no way for me to tell them I was pregnant. I was practically alone. My baby's daddy also didn't want to have it. He told me it was best to have the abortion because we had nothing to provide this child with. He promised he would be there for me no matter what, and that WE would get through this. So I did it. I regret ever doing it, first because I'm here now suffering with all this pain alone. After my abortion, my baby's daddy talked to me for a week acting like he care, and after that week, he never spoke to me again. He never cared. There is not one day, hour, minute, or second that I don't think about my baby. I wish I could've had it. I was the happiest person during my pregnancy. But once I took that life away, I've never been the same.

    Rose, New Jersey Submitted Jan 2012

  • So sorry for you guys. but if you have wanted it you should have kept it, yes there are some circumstances in life that lead you to no good decision, but it's your blood your creator you feel it inside you alive, even in the first few weeks. But I think sometimes parents also contribute towards abortion cause they think that you are not ready, too young to maintain a child ect..but sometimes they don't realized it cursed you for the rest of your life. I was pregnant 16...I was depressed at first but I got full support from my family and now my daughter is 21 years so beautiful and I am proud.

    Seychelles Submitted Feb 2012

  • Your poem is so lovely and made me cry. I was 21, a woman, yet I still let my boyfriend bully me into an abortion. He said he couldn't do it and would leave me. I chose him instead of my baby and now I am suffering each and every day. I will never feel half as much pain as my baby went through that day of the abortion. It's hard and it does not get any easy. I will regret letting her go till I die. I miss her so much and writing my feelings down helps in the short run for me. In the long run, I don't know if there is one. Good luck to you all and hope you live a long and happy life.

    Tt Submitted 6/2/2013

  • I am 25 with 2 and 3 year old toddlers. I was in the same position, barely able to provide for the 2 I had. I let others influence my decision. I regret it, and always have. I still cry about it and it happened almost a year ago. If you think its the right thing to do then you should do it. But don't let anyone else force you, if you want your baby, keep it, it always works out.

    Amanda Saint John New Brunswick Submitted 7/22/2013

  • A year ago today I was forced into abortion, my dad recently died, my mom in a coma. My grandma and boyfriends dad and the rest of my family forced me into it. I've never been the same.
    I never will be.

    Baby Joshua Laurel Submitted 12/30/2013

  • I was 20 turning 21, I had it done a couple weeks ago. I regret what I did. I cry every night because I knew I should have kept him. The job I have is okay and I had family support. My bf thought it would be best for both of us to go through with the abortion so I did. I was 9 weeks and I saw my baby, my family was soo happy and my father even ran into my room yelling that it was a life I had inside of me. I still don't understand exactly why I did it. I try and stay strong but its unbearable me and my bf aren't together anymore. He said I was too much. What do you expect with a girl who has just lost her baby. He never understood the bond I had with him and I will forever miss my baby and pray god is holding onto him in his arms. I've never had the chance to cry on anyone. I'm getting by this on my own and I'm showing my baby who's up above watching me that I'll be the best person I can be. I know what you're going through and hope you're doing okay surviving.

    California Submitted 1/23/2014

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