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This poem was written for a very dear family friend. She was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told that she had only several months to live. I wanted her to know how I felt and how much she meant to me. When I finished the poem I gave it to her to read. Just a few months later she passed. I was asked to read it at her funeral. I was able to share it with all her family and friends.

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I lost (another) old friend. She did not pass from the monster we know as …

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© Debra Chesnoff

Published: Mar 2011

My Wish For You

I wish I could give you many more years. I wish I could erase away all of your tears.
I want to take away all of your pain. I want to give you sunshine in the rain.
May each new day be a perfect gift. May love surround you, may your spirits lift.
If someone had to describe you so many words come to mind. Beauty and grace, a heart so kind.
You radiate warmth like a blazing fire. You are courage and wisdom. You truly inspire.
You attract like a magnet beautiful things. You sparkle and shine like a diamond ring.
You light up a room when you walk in. If someone feels sad you can make them grin.
You are elegant and charming. You know right from wrong. You are the melody from a beautiful love song.
You are a breath of fresh air on a hot summer's night. When there is darkness you turn on the light.
I do not want these words to make you cry. I do not want to ever say goodbye.
I believe miracles really do come true. No one deserves one more than you.
Please know how many lives you touch. These words are my present. You are loved so much.


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  • by Angela, Ohio
  • 12/10/2013

I lost (another) old friend. She did not pass from the monster we know as Cancer... she died from another type of monster... DOMESTIC ABUSE. This poem, the friend you describe, must have been my friends twin, because she was all of that, all of it!... Her husband took her life and then his own, leaving 5 children... 4 of them juveniles and 3 under the age of 12. She was truly a genuinely kind, loving, giving, tolerant, sweet, beautiful woman... she was the same when we were children. She is safe now.


  • by Nicole X
  • Mar 2012

I Thought This Poem Was Beautiful, This Was Like This Poem Was Written For My Dearly Loved Friend Conor <3 Love you Conor R.I.P xxx


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