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I missed out on a lot because of wrong choices, I still struggle with her death. Sometimes GOD stops us in our tracks, opens up our eyes and does for us what we can't do for ourselves, even if it's death to change us!!

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My baby brother was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder …

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© Angela

Published: Dec 2010

Only Memories

As I lay here in the dark, between these prison walls
I would think about you and my tears would fall

You were the sun that shines, an encouraging thought
wish I could have been there with you
while the Cancer you fought

You prayed over each one, but me, I was not there
I was behind those walls, with a life I could not bear

I could not escape, a drug habit I could not break
Ashamed, deranged and full of fear
All I could think about was me being here

Overwhelmed by depression, in great despair
Feeling sorry for myself, thinking, "this is not fair"

"How did I get here"?, "What did I do"?
Your fighting for your life and I am stuck here without you

Sometime has gone by, released from those walls
Now your dead and gone, I live with only memories
and tears that fall

So, learn from your past, the experience you go through
You never know when a loved one will pass
and you can't say "I Love You"!


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  • by Sarah, Portland OR
  • 7/6/2014

My baby brother was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder 1, felony in possession of firearm, assault w/ deadly weapon and unlawful use of firearm. He was arrested when SWAT surrounded my home. He'd been with me all weekend. I knew something was horribly wrong. He seemed to be in shock. I knew something had happened, but I didn't press him. I just tucked him into my sons bed (which was my brothers bedroom when my parents lived there, before my husband and I bought it). I'm glad I got that time with him..and that his last days free he was in a place where he felt safe. I did all I could to help him prepare for trial. Working with the PI. I went through 3000+documents with a fine tooth comb. Looking for anything and everything that might help him. He insisted on taking it to trial because it was self-defense...but he should have taken the plea. He would have done half the time. Maybe then one of our parents will still be living. But in 18 1/2 years...they'll both be gone


  • by Angelena Willi
  • 4/2/2014

My brother has been locked up in Warren Ohio since about October of 2013. He's 19 years of age. I really miss him. This poem reminds me of him and what could have been, if he wasn't locked up an on the street's of Warren he would of been dead or hurt. I try to send him good poems every week and yours was one. Thanks.


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